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Top Tested Snowboards of 2024

Posted August 1, 2023 @ 11:36am | by Neil Soucy

In the snowboard industry new products are coming out each season with all new technology, updates to past models, and tweaks to hopefully improve the overall experience for you, the rider. For the 2024 season we see quite a few more changes than we have in the last couple years. This allowed us to test some new and/or updated models against some of the boards we've ridden plenty and know well that remain unchanged for the 2023-2024 season. It's our job as a retailer to spend as much time as possible riding and testing products in order to better inform our buy from each brand, our sales and customer service staff, and ultimately the end user so you get the right gear for you. 

During the 22/23 season, we tested a bunch of different snowboards from a number of brands, at locations all over the country, and with a test crew of varying abilities and riding styles. Test conditions throughout the season varied from bulletproof ice mixed in with groomer days at the likes of Mount Sunapee and Waterville in NH, to wet and heavy sludge at Mt. Baker, all the way to blower powder at go figure...Powder Mountain in UT. Our test crew is made up of all genders, with some sticking to greens and blues, others open to riding anything, and a few who are constantly pushing their limits. Their riding styles differ greatly with some out for a cruise on low angle terrain, some who see the mountain as a playground jumping and slashing their way down each run, and others who move with more speed making powerful carves and finding the flow of a trail. 

The Ski Monster Top Tested Snowboards 2024

If there's one thing that holds true through all the years of product testing we've done, it's that not all snowboards are for everyone but there are always a few that certainly stand out amongst a fairly diverse test crew. While these boards sometimes belong to different 'categories' they almost always share a key characteristic that separates them from the rest. That key component is that they are very well balanced. This means that they feel controlled underfoot when moving fast but aren't too difficult to maneuver or initiate a turn. They will have a significant amount of energy allowing you to exit one turn and start your next, getting the board on edge quickly. That being said, they will be damp enough to absorb vibrations and feel composed on more variable snow. 

As mentioned above, the snowboards on this top tested list fall into a few different categories, but all deliver on that one key characteristic of feeling incredibly balanced. Since you'll likely align with one category more than another, we've broken up the list into categories that are loosely based on riding styles but know that there is some overlap between them. With these boards being the standouts from our season of extensive testing, it's no secret that some of them could fall into more than one category or work for a number of different rider types. Get hyped, get psyched, these are the Top Tested Snowboards of 2024!!!



These are the boards packed with energy and pop that can handle big landings, turn well, and are comfortable in all types of terrain. As my tastes have changed over the years, my favorite thing to do on a snowboard is find natural transitions around the resort. Sometimes that is super firm sidehits carved into the edges of East Coast groomers, other times its big swooping rollers just off trail out West that seem to be crafted for huge slashes or big slow motion airs. Either way, the feeling of loading up a board, letting it pop off whatever natural feature you find, and then floating through the air until you put the landing gear down on a smooth transition is unmatched. The other factor that lands these boards on this list is that in order to find these parts of the mountain, you might be riding fast groomers, tight trees, cat tracks, and any other type of terrain to get there and they need to be able to handle all of it. Think of these as your daily driver weapons that have a little extra boost.

Capita Aeronaut By Arthur Longo

Capita Aeronaut Neil Soucy

The Capita Aeronaut was my favorite board this season - this thing absolutely rips. Regardless of terrain and conditions the Aeronaut made snowboarding really really fun. It loves to get airborne but holds its own just as well linking turns on hardpack and buffing out any chewed up terrain. I could bring this board with me to any resort, any conditions, and have an awesome time. If you spend your day looking for any possible feature on trail and off, this is the board.

Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero

Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero Neil Soucy

The Hometown Hero has consistently been a go-to for extended trips because of its ability to tackle all terrain. On a typical groomer day, it stays locked into a turn and doesn't take much work to get on edge. Get lucky with a pow day and the rockered nose saves you some work and floats incredibly well. Find some tight trees and its plenty nimble to duck and weave through em'. It has tons of pop, so regardless of conditions snap the tail off a lip and feel like a hero. You'll see this board thriving in everything from East Coast resorts, heli-boarding trips, and technical rocky steeps.

Ride Magic Stick // Women's

Ride Magic Stick 2024

The Magic Stick is the ultimate resort board that doesn't flinch at any type of terrain. It is a slightly directional board with camber underfoot that initiates a turn easily, locks its edge in, and has enough energy to pop you into your next turn with composure and stability. The tail being a little shorter gives you a ton of control over the shape of a turn and also makes slashing your way through trees or technical terrain easy. The wider spoon shaped nose is perfect for plowing through crud or soft snow - one is definitely more fun than the other but rest assured you're covered either way.



These are the boards for riders who are always riding at redline. You like to ride fast, carve deep, and scare yourself from time to time. Some boards come better equipped than others to handle this kind of riding. In both boards below you get some added materials that beef things up and let you push the limit without the board getting nervous underneath you. It's important to note that these boards aren't just super stiff - they are very rideable, they won't beat you up if you aren't at full speed and are still fun, but when you step on the gas they're right there with you and won't slow you down.

K2 Alchemist

K2 Alchemist Neil Soucy

The Alchemist combines a Spectral Braid technology weaving carbon fiber strands throughout the entire board adding torsional rigidity with a Carbon Power Fork in the tail adding energy to the entry and exit of turns. This all comes together to give you an incredibly powerful and responsive feel in a shape that turns beautifully. Riders who like to carry a lot of speed into big carves can trust this board to hold an edge and push them into that next turn. If you're someone who likes to boost straight airs with a style-y grab this is your ticket too.

Ride Deep Fake

Ride Deep Fake Neil Soucy

The Deep Fake uses a Metal Slim Wall running the length of the board on both sides to maximaze edge hold while also dampening vibrations in the edges of the board. This makes the board feel super composed when carving and also gives you an extra bite when conditions are firm or icy. Carbon fiber throughout the board disperses power evenly giving it tons of pop when you venture off the groomers and are on the hunt for more high energy riding. If conditions can be all over the map or tend to be a little rough, the Deep Fake saves you some leg work.



These boards are smooth and easy, crafting perfect turn shapes from top to bottom and providing a fluid riding experience. Both of the boards in this category are approachable for all rider abilities whether that be a brand new rider or someone who has been a lifelong snowboarder. One of the best parts of snowboarding is the feeling you get when you're able to link some great turns together without having to work too hard for it. These boards are built to do just that - tapered from nose to tail with a sidecut, flex, and profile that let the edge sink into each turn easily and with confidence.

Lib Tech Lib Rig

Lib Tech Lib Rig Neil Soucy

The Lib Rig is smooth like butter, turning effortlessly and always feeling composed and comfortable under your feet. Initiating a turn is no work at all and once the board is loaded up nothing can shake it. It handles chatter and rough terrain insanely well and has this hard to explain consistent feel. It isn't the most exciting board ever - it doesn't have loads of snap in and out of each turn, it's a pretty safe looking shape, the graphic is a bit plain, but boy does it make turning down the mountain a ton of fun. 

Burton Family Tree Gril Master

Burton Family Tree Gril Master Neil Soucy

Burton has been referring to this as their "dad board"...sure, most dads would probably have a good time on it but don't let that nick name deter you. While the Gril Master is pretty easy going, it can step up to the plate if you decide to get a little wild. You get kind of a 90's style shape here with a bigger spoon shaped nose with some gradual rocker and then a squared of tail that gives you some extra pop when you need it. Where this board may lack in the energy department that the Hometown Hero has, it makes up for with its turnability. Set your edge and let the board do the work, it has a great turn shape that makes carving groomers fun and if you find some pockets of soft snow it loves a good pow slash.

Burton Feelgood Flying V // Women's

Burton Feelgood Flying V 2024

The Feelgood Flying V makes turning your snowboard an absolute breeze and comes with a slew of other benefits. The Flying V profile adds a rocker section between your feet which acts as a pivot point allowing the board to move from one edge to the other quickly. Whether you're in soft snow or on firmer conditions this makes the board super nimble. You still have camber zones under each foot adding some edge hold on those icy days, but the feel overall will be a bit looser and more surfy. If you find yourself in powder or trees this added rocker between your feet will let the board float easily and turn on a dime.



These are the boards that look a little different than your typical snowboard and thrive when the snow is soft, light, and primed for a good slash. That being said, the reason they're on this list is because they are also very impressive in average to below average snow conditions too. In testing these kinds of boards, we're careful to not just test them in their favorite conditions but to also take them out in situations where they'll be challenged. Both of these are wildly capable on a pow day, they float well and love to spray some snow whenever they can. Get them on a groomer and they're a blast to lean over and arc some turns on. 

Jones Storm Wolf

Jones Storm Wolf Neil Soucy

The Storm Wolf has been one of my favorite additions to my quiver. If I get lucky with some fresh snow, it's hard to compete with the way it can link long exaggerated turns together and then rip a slash spraying a wave of snow in an instant. I've also spent a considerable amount of time riding it on your average groomer day and it is a carving machine. The swallow tail is plenty stiff to hang on through a high speed turn and there's enough camber underfoot to grip on some icy conditions too. It may not be the best daily driver but it definitely could be - you're covered from hardpack to pow and everything in between with the Storm Wolf.

K2 Excavator

K2 Excavator The Ski Monster

The Excavator is a unique one with a wider shape, stubby tail, and big swooping nose that just rips whatever terrain you through at it. This is a board that you can size down a few centimeters from your standard board length and you'll take advantage of its playful nimble feel. If you have a chance to ride it in trees, any sort of powder field with some poppers and pillows, or on a trail with some flow on the side, you'll be hard pressed to find a board that will be more fun. On hard snow it can hang too, you've got the same Carbon Power Fork found in the Alchemist above which lets you really lean into it without feeling like the tail will wash out.

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