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George Michaelsen, Eric Gerrmann The Ski Monster Founders

We (George and Eric) started in our college apartment in 2007 when we were 22 years old.  We started The Ski Monster because we love skiing and snowboarding.  Growing up skiing and working in shops since we were teenagers, we saw an opportunity to provide a better experience to skiers and snowboarders looking for equipment and good information. At the time we didn't know much about websites and had absolutely no idea how much websites cost to build, they're pretty expensive.  We worked really hard, invested every dollar we made from other jobs into The Ski Monster and since 2009 it has been our full time job.  

Since 2007 when the company was founded we've met some pretty awesome people, some people really helped us grow and create the brand. In early 2014, five of us (Brady, Craig, Dylan, Eric and George) realized that it was time to open a store, so we went for it.  Our 2 floor 11,000 square foot full service (tuning, bootfitting, mounting etc) flagship store located in Downtown Boston opened September 2014.  We hope you come visit us, it's pretty sweet! 

What we think has made us successful is our ability to match people with the right gear.  Tell us about yourself and what your looking for and we'll talk about what's best for you.  We're honest!  Sometimes we might not have what's best for you in stock, we don't want to sell you the wrong thing, you'll never come back.  We know that if we get you in the right stuff at the right price and shipped to you faster than expected you'll tell a bunch of people about how awesome we are.  

We feel that people want more than just a 90 Day Worry Free Return Policy, Free Shipping, or a team that can respond to an email or phone call quickly..... That's the easy stuff!!  You want to know what's best for you and why.  That's why we have only brought on people that can provide that to our customers, everyone here skis and rides a lot and we ski/ride on everything out there and only carry what we feel is the best.  Stoke Levels are high around here, we're all friends and we do what we love.

All of us at realize how important our customers are, without you, doesn't exist. We want you to be thrilled with whatever it is you buy from us. Don't hesitate to call, email, tweet, or facebook, to talk with one of us about what you are buying.  We have tested/demo'd every ski, board, boot and binding out there and only carry what we feel are the highest quality of products. Yeah, we spend most of our Winter's skiing and riding on next years product at some pretty awesome ski resorts.  It's a pretty fun job to say the least!


- theskimonster

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