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'I Just Placed an Order, What Happens Now?'

First off, thanks for shopping with us, you have some sick gear headed your way. Once your order is placed, this is how it gets from us to you:

  1. Your card has been charged in full and you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail from us with a copy of your receipt. Don't see an e-mail, be sure to check spam/junk folder too. 
  2. Someone from our shipping team is locating your item(s) right now, and once the order is packed and ready for shipment you'll receive another e-mail with a tracking number letting you know that it's going out for delivery soon. Don't worry if that tracking number isn't live yet, that just means the order is boxed but UPS hasn't picked it up yet. 
  3. You'll get a final automated e-mail from UPS when your order leaves our facility, this means it's on its way to you! At this point that tracking number will go live so you can follow your shipment's progress. 
  4. Your order arrives at your doorstep, you're extremely stoked and head out to the mountains to give it a spin. Take some sick action shots and tag @theskimonster on the Gram to let us know how fired up you are. 

95% of orders follow this rough trajectory but keep reading for some answers on more specific questions. 

'I Purchased an Item for Pre-Order, What's the Deal?'

The ski industry is a 12-months-a-year business with brands constantly working to build and design the next best thing. Pre-Order items are on the way to us and just means you can purchase one before it arrives to ensure you don't miss out. In this case, you still get an automated e-mail when you place the order, but your receipt will contain an "Estimated Ship Date" with when you can expect to see the item arrive. When it gets to us in Boston, we send an e-mail to let you know, and then ship it out to like we described above. 

'How Long Will It Take to Get My Order?'

We turn around orders and get them out the door quickly. Everything ships within 48 hours of you placing the order, and the overwhelming majority of orders will ship within 24 hours. (Nothing ships on Sunday from any carrier, but we do still box the orders) Honestly if you place an order before like 3pm eastern time there's a very good chance it's going to leave our facility that very same day. 

Once we hand it over to UPS, we ship for FREE on every order to everywhere in the United States on Ground. This map below will give you a good idea of how long it will take for you to see order once it leaves Boston. 

UPS Shipping Map

Basically, what that means is that if you're located in New England or the New York City area and you place an order Monday at noon, there's a really really good chance it's going to arrive Tuesday afternoon for free. Yea, we get things done quickly and correctly. 

If that turnaround time isn't quick enough, however, let's say you're in Los Angeles and you're leaving for your trip in three days - don't sweat it - we offer the following expedited shipping services: 

  • $50 Next Day Air
  • $25 Second Day Air
  • $10 3-Day Express

The shipping times above are standard turnaround times but are NOT a delivery guarantee. Holidays and natural disasters can affect transit times so keep in mind especially around the Holiday Season that orders may take an extra day or two for UPS to process. 

'My Order Arrived and I Want to Return It, What's the Return Policy?' and The Ski Monster Boston have a 90 DAY, WORRY-FREE return policy. Even for items on sale! Life is too short to be unsure about your gear choices, if you made a purchase and would like to return it, you can either bring it back to the Boston Store after making an appointment, or just follow these easy steps below:

  1. Contact Us with a copy of your Order Number to receive a Return Authorization (RA) Number
  2. Package your order, write the RA Number in Sharpie on the outside of the box, and send the package back to us at 60 Canal St Boston, MA. (Customers are responsible for the shipping and packaging costs of their returns)
  3. Once your item(s) get back to us in Boston we will notify you and refund your card. Refunds are always full cash back, even for items on sale. 

That's it, super easy!

If you ordered the wrong size and want to exchange for a different size, just place a second order for the correct item, and then follow the same steps above to return the original purchase. 

What's the Catch?

  • Items must be UNUSED and in their original condition and packaging.
  • Customers have 90 days from the original purchase to acquire an RA Number and return the item. 

The Ski Monster reserves the right to refuse any returns that do not meet these two guidelines. 

Contact Us or e-mail to begin your return process. 

'I Ordered Something and It Broke. Is That Covered Under Warranty?'

Nobody wants their brand-new gear getting beaten up, that's the worst. Pretty much every manufacturer we work with covers their products under warranty to protect the customer in the event of a manufacturer's defect. If you feel like you have received a defective product, just follow these steps below and we will contact the manufacturer and find an answer for you. 

  1. Locate your receipt. Warranties cannot be processed without a proof of purchase, if you made the purchase from or The Ski Monster Boston your receipt was e-mailed to you. 
  2. Take accurate, detailed photos of the product and the defect. 
  3. Contact with your receipt, pictures, and a detailed description of what happened. 
  4. We contact the manufacturer, they make a decision, and we relay the decision to you. 

Every warranty decision is made by the manufacturer. We're happy to handle the process of sending the information out for you, but ultimately the decision is not made by us but by the manufacturer. We try and get warranties done quickly and correctly, but warranty times can vary widely from one manufacturer to another, and are subject to seasonal influx. 

If you purchased your item from us, The Ski Monster will cover any potential cost of shipping products back to the manufacturer.

If you purchased the item elsewhere, we are happy to help you warranty it, but you are responsible for any shipping costs and there is a flat $50 fee regardless of the outcome of the warranty process. 

'I want to shop at the Boston Store, how do I make an appointment?'

Easiest way to book yourself an appointment is by using our booking app.  If you don't feel comfortable booking yourself (it's super easy and takes about 40 seconds, yes, we timed it) you can give us a call or shoot us an email.  Appointments are required if you are coming to our Boston Store, no matter what it is you are shopping for, returning, having serviced or warrantied.  

'I would like to schedule an appointment, when the store is closed, is this possible?'

Yes, yes this is possible.  Customer service has the power to book an appointment off hours. Let them know what it is you are looking for, or whom you want to work with and they'll set something up for you. Yes, 6am on a Tuesday is possible. We do require you to purchase a gift card ranging from $550 to $1000 depending on staff member that you are working with to hold the off hours appointment.  You may use the gift card towards the goods/services you are purchasing at your off hours appointment.  The Gift Card is non-refundable. If you choose not to buy something there is no refund. If you spend less money then is on your gift card, there is no refund for the difference, your gift card will carry a balance that can be used at anytime, gift cards values do not expire.  If you fail to notify customer service within 24 hours of the appointment that you are cancelling, you will be required to purchase in addtional gift card if you choose to re-book an off hours appointment.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple. We never share or sell your information with anybody at any time. All credit card transactions are handled exclusively through Square. 

If you’ve placed an order on our site or filled out or contact form, you will receive an occasional e-mail with exclusive discounts or promo codes for future purchases. If you’d like to opt-out of these e-mails just let us know and you’ll be taken off the list. 

In order to keep all transactions secure, The Ski Monster Boston does not accept cash or checks. All transactions are completed over card.  

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