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Capita Aeronaut By Arthur Longo Snowboard 2024

A mid-flex directional board that's energetic, takes nothing to turn, and loves to spend time in the air. It's not the stiffest, most burly board but it handles high speeds better than expected for such a nimble board. The option for someone looking to ride every part of the mountain.


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Scope it out, drop in, and boost. The Aeronaut's pop is next level.


Snappy, energetic, and ready to take flight. The Capita Aeronaut is a board designed for pro rider Arthur Longo. If you know anything about Arthur, you know he’s the master of finding natural hits and launching them huge, so it only makes sense that the Aeronaut is loaded with pop. That poppy feel not only makes it a great freestyle board but also gives it a maneuverable feel that creates a quick feeling edge to edge and makes it easy to pivot at lower speeds in tighter terrain. While it’s not the most powerful board, the Aeronaut can handle some higher speeds. Specifically off-trail and on ungroomed snow I found it to do a great job powering through turbulent snowpack and eating up any chatter. On groomers, a traditional camber profile and directional shape make it easy to link together some nice carves. At most speeds, it feels smooth and locked in, but if you’re just out there to straight-line groomers there are going to be more stable options. While it’s sick on groomers, the Aeronaut wants to do more than just rip groomers. It wants a rider who’s going to ride everywhere and will be using their imagination to get the most out of any given part of the mountain. 

Who's this board for? Riders who like to ride hard but don't need the most stiff, burly board. Riders who like to catch air off natural features.   

Who's this board not for? High-speed carvers and anyone who prefers a damp feel underfoot. 

Tested by

Tech Specs

  • Flex/ Medium (6 out of 10)
  • Profile/ Camber
  • Added Materials/ Fiberglass, Resin
  • Built By/ Capita Mothership, Austria Factory
  • Shape/ Directional
  • Core Materials/ Bamboo & Paulownia (Panda Hover Core)
  • Designed By/ Capita

The Test Crew

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The Aeronaut is a pretty mellow feeling board but it wants to get adventurous. The amount of pop makes it so fun to seek out little side hits or boost off knolls. It actually makes jumping easier and makes you catch a little bit more air.

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