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K2 Alchemist Snowboard 2024

A stiff board built for riders who prioritize stability, power, and precision. It loves groomers and pow, but also demands a rider who knows how to drive their snowboard.

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A powerful board that dominates groomers or hardpack, and feels confident blasting through crud or dicey terrain.


The K2 Alchemist is a pedal-to-the-metal type of board. It’s a stiff, directional deck that wants to do some high-level shredding. The Alchemist is powerful AF, so whether you’re bombing groomers or straight-lining down your favorite chute it’s going to charge over whatever’s in front of you with confidence and composure. The advantage to a stiff board like this is the lack of speed limit, it’s going to provide the same sturdy platform no matter how fast you’re going. This means even if you’re cookin’, the board will stay precise in a carve and absorb any uneven or turbulent snowpack. The trade-off is that because it’s a stiff board, it’s not the most approachable board at low speeds. What that means is that compared to a softer flexing board, the Alchemist is going to take a little bit more work to pivot and turn.

Anybody who knows how to drive their board will appreciate the trade-off. The Alchemist has a stout feel throughout, but specifically, extra carbon inserts inlaid in the tail increase responsiveness to your back foot and make the rest of the board feel more snappy and poppy. Whether it’s the steepest groomer on the front side or a wide open field of untouched pow, the Alchemist is up for the challenge, just keep in mind its comfort zone is fast. 

Who is this board for? The board will perform wherever you take it, it just wants someone who rides aggressively. 

Who isn't this board for? New riders and any rider who prefers a more forgiving board. 

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Tech Specs

  • Flex/ Stiff (8 out of 10)
  • Profile/ Camber
  • Added Materials/ Carbon Power Fork
  • Built By/ K2 China Factory
  • Shape/ Directional
  • Core Materials/ Aspen & Bamboo & Paulownia (S1 Core)
  • Designed By/ K2 Snowboards, Seattle WA

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This board wants you to drive it and drive it fast. Vroom vroom.

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