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Burton Feelgood Flying V Snowboard 2024 // Women's

A board that can rip it all and will ooze energy while doing so. Versatility wins again.

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An all-mountain bundle that strikes the perfect balance between ease and excitement without compromising on performance.


The aptly named Feelgood Flying V is here to elevate your experience on the mountain. This is a top dog every year and for good reason. I won’t beat around the bush, that reason is its versatility and performance. It’s a board that could work for the most advanced rider out there, or for a progressing rider who’s just trying to figure it all out. You've got a few things working for you with the Feelgood that make it such an awesome option from casual cruisers to tight trees where the hidden stashes of snow hide. 

The medium-flex provides a stable base for high-speed cruising and laying down carves while also providing enough forgiveness to move the board around with no effort. As the name suggests, this board has a Flying V, or reverse camber profile, what this means is rather than one camber zone tip to tail, you have two camber zones under each foot and a rocker section between your feet. The one downside to this shape is you sacrifice some hard snow performance. It doesn’t bite as hard as a traditional camber board, so it’s not going to feel as locked into a carve if the snow is firm. If carving isn’t a main priority of yours, the benefits of the Flying V shape will outweigh the sacrifice. It gives you an incredibly balanced platform between your feet and a lively and energetic feel that makes the board easier to turn in any situation. The Feelgood makes noise every year because it works for so many different riding styles and can perform in just about any situation. 

Who is this board for? Riders who want a highly capable board that’s easy to balance on and doesn’t take much to turn. 

Who isn’t this board for? Riders who spend their time carving it up on hardpack and trying to push their speed limit. 

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Tech Specs

  • Flex/ Medium (5 out of 10)
  • Profile/ Flying V (Reverse Camber)
  • Added Materials/ Carbon I-Beam
  • Built By/ Kiel-Nindl GMBH, Austria
  • Shape/ Directional
  • Core Materials/ FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G
  • Designed By/ Burton Snowboards

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There's a reason it's called the Feelgood. The board is energetic and approachable but can get down when it comes time to perform. Enough to make any rider feel good about their riding.

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