Burton Burton Feelgood Flying V Snowboard 2018 // Women's

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Burton Feelgood Flying V Snowboard 2018 // Women's



The Burton Feelgood Flying V Snowboard is waiting to become your homegirl. The Feelgood enjoys partying, shredding, and kicking it with her best friends on bluebird or pow days. Flying V design ties rocker and camber together so you get the best of both worlds. Camber under each foot allows the board to grip hard snow and provide tons of power, while rocker makes sure it still floats in powder and makes quick & nimble turns a breeze. Experienced riders obviously are familiar with the Feelgood, as it’s been pretty universally known as the go-to board for advanced female riders for as long as we can remember. Unlike a lot of women’s boards that are more flexible, the Feelgood has carbon highlights laid between the fiberglass to give it a ton of pop and less flex, which equals more power. Get on the gas and crush a groomer, then hit the woods and become as nimble as a hummingbird as you zig zag with confidence. Truly the perfect combination of power that hard-charging riders need, while still enough flex and playfulness to get you out of gnarly situations. Plus, the Burton Feelgood Flying V has got the stamp of approval from 3-time medalist Kelly Clark so you know it has got to be awesome.

TSM Tip: This is the board for riders who are familiar with the term ‘Send It.’

*EST Compatible Board


What’s the deal with the Flying V shape?

An absolute staple of the snowboard industry for years, Burton’s Flying V shape is their perfect all-mountain balance of rip and float. Rocker in the tip and tail, as well as directly in the center of the board provides a stable ride that feels awesome and will slash off trail, while camber zones directly underfoot provide the power and sharpness directly under your boots, where the power is generated. Rocker/Camber is all the rage these days because of its ability to shred everything, and the Flying V remains the ultimate construction in snowboard shapes for riders looking to hit everything. 

What are the reasons to go with the Feelgood Flying V over the Burton Deja Vu Flying V?

The primary reason would be because you want a stiffer board. The Feelgood is going to be stiffer and more aggressive, which is great for more experienced riders. It will carve sharper and hold up better at high speeds, while the Deja Vu will feel softer and more flexible. Also, the Feelgood is slightly setback while the Deja Vu is a true twin. The Deja Vu will be better for more easy-going riders, but if you want the best performance from your board, it’s gotta be the Feelgood.


Flying V - Camber/Rocker/Camber Rocker between and outside of your feet with camber directly underfoot. Nimble and powerful that makes turn initiation super easy with awesome float to match.

The Channel - A channel replaces traditional mounting inserts within the board for free form adjusting that is not restricted by a 3 degree mounting plate. This system also allows the board to flex naturally and reduces overall weight.


FSC Certified Super Fly 700g Core - A blend of stronger and lighter woods in specific locations that allows the board to have big performance with non of the weight.

Dualzone EDG - Wood grain is positioned perpendicular in two continuous zones at the toe and heel edges for added strength and edge hold.


Directional - Nose is slightly longer than the tail for effortless float and camber under your back foot gives stability for driving through turns.


Squeezebox High - Integrates carbon fleece just outside of you feet to make the tip and tail extremely responsive.

Carbon Highlights 60?- Optimizing each layer of fiberglass by adding full tip-to-tail carbon layer to reduce weight, tune torsional feel, and allows for a more maneuverable playful feel.


Sintered WFO - Infusing a specially formulated wax into the dense sintered base material for unreal durability, speed, and performance all season long.

Frostbite - Edges extend out slightly underneath the binding for improved edge hold on hard snow. Aggressive when needed while remaining playful in softer condition.

Additional Awesomeness

Infinite Ride - Burton exclusive technology to maximize pop and strength by overbuilding the board. Then put into a machine that breaks in the board for you, resulting in the same feel season after season.

Pro-Tip - Tapered thickness in the tip and tail to reduce swing weight for easier rotations and overall board control.


While these days pretty much any traditional binding will come with the hardware to mount on Burton’s Channel System, we recommend buying a Burton EST binding in order to enjoy all the benefits the Channel offers. 

Recommended Binding: Burton Lexa EST Binding

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