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How Long do Ski Boots last?

Posted November 1, 2023 @ 10:43am | by George Michaelsen

How long do ski boots last? It honestly depends on how hard you use them, how often and how you maintain them. Just a few months ago, in August of 2023 Atomic brought us over to Austria to their Headquarters and ski factory.

Atomic builds there ski boot shells to last 150,000 AGGRESSIVE turns. If you skied 20,000 feet per day, did 65 turns per 800 vertical feet - equivalent to a slalom skier. That would be 25 runs for a total of 1625 turns per day. (that's so many turns) At that rate your shells will last for 92.3 days. That is also assuming you are making extremely aggressive turns on every. single. turn. and skiing a ton of vertical every single day you go out.  There isn't a skier out there that is putting boots through the stress that this machine is. The boots flex 6 degress back from neutral and 16 degrees forwards from netrual, 150,000 times in 50 hours.

how ski boots flex index is tested

In the video below I dive into how long ski boots last and how to get the most life out of your ski boots and when it's time for a new pair.

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