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SIA: 2017 Ski Gear Preview

Posted October 14, 2016 @ 4:19pm | by George Michaelsen

You should be stoked for when the 2017 Ski Gear starts arriving in June of this year -- only four months away from now, crazy!  Ski fanatics have been talking about the trend of skis getting narrower, I wouldn't say that's true but there are more new skis in the 80mm - 90mm waist category and less above 110mm.  The average ski waists that we sell are still between 88 and 100mm and there is no sign of that slowing down nor should there be -- it's a great all around waist width.

Without further ado let's take a look at the new ski gear for 2017.

2017 Armada Invictus Series

The Invictus series was one of our favorite additions for the 2016 season, for 2017 we say goodbye to the Invictus 95Ti and say hello to the Invictus 99Ti.  Four millimeters that don't disappoint.

2017 Armada Magic J and JJ

The most eye catching skis of 2017 are without a doubt the Armada Deepest Series.  Pictured Left to Right: Magic J, JJ, Norwalk and the TST.

2017 Nordica Ski Line Up

Nordica's 100mm waisted Enforcer won a well deserved ski of the year this last year and now it has a little brother the Enforcer 93 -- the one with the Hot Gear award on it.  We have spent most of January skiing on it and the ski absolutely rips and has made the weaker New England season a lot of fun.  Nordica didn't stop with the Enforcer, the popular and more forgving Soul Rider 97mm in the waist now has a little brother too -- the Soul Rider 87.  

2017 Rossignol Soul 7 and Sky 7

Finally, a graphic update on the Rossignol 7 series skis. Even though the skis look a little faster than the previous murdered out freeride look they are still skis that dominate in the soft snow.  For 2017 we say goodbye to the Sin 7 and hello to the Sky 7 (Orange tip, 2nd from right)  

2017 Blizzard Zero G Skis

The 2017 Blizzard Zero G skis come back with a sick graphic improvement in the same super lightweight package that alpine tourists demand.

Brief intermission

Thule Audi Dream Car.

Thule had one of the sickest booths at SIA this year and the Audi isn't that bad either...

2017 Volkl Women's Skis

All the favorites (Aura, Kenja and Yumi) return for 2017 and now the girls have a wider option with the 100EightW.  

2017 Volkl Freeride Skis

And another new one for 2017 is Volkl Confession (2nd from the left) a beefy powder ski for those dudes that want a ski that gives a little back when they put their foot on the gas. 

2017 Lange Boots with Tech Fittings

Lange steps into the alpine touring world for 2017 with the XT 130 Freetour and XT 110 Freetour.  A lightweight Dynafit friendly boot made with Grilamid plastic for excellent rebound that Lange loyalists expect.  

Dalbello Lupo Carbon Ti Ski Boots

First we had the Lupo SP, then in 2016 we got the Lupo TI, for 2017 we get the Lupo Carbon Ti that will be going for a sweet $999.  The fit is the same as the previous Lupo models or KR2 boots.

2017 Tecnica Cochise Ski Boots

If you're thinking about getting a pair of Cochise boots don't do it unless it's the 2017 model, this is a major improvement in fit and function.  The all new 99mm lasted boot with CAS liner is one of the best fitting boots for 2017 and it's Dynafit friendly.  

2017 Marker Bindings

This is the best looking line up of Marker Bindings ever.  The Jester Pro on the left is finally in a color people would actually want and the new SoleID AFD they can take any boot sole - sick!

2017 Kastle MX Series

The MX series gets overhauled with Hollowtech 2.0 that was on this years FX series and a few new shapes.  The skis maintain the classic Kastle look and still have the solid Austrian feel that you love.

2017 Blizzard Quattro Skis

The frontside carving game has been changed with the all-new Blizzard Quattro skis.  Grip and power is the name of the game and the Head Supershapes and Volkl RTM's should be worried -- these are straight carving machines.

2017 Line Supernatural Skis

Line adds the Supernatural 86 to the series for 2017 and it looks just as awesome as it skis.  We skied on it for the first time in June 2015 at Mt. Hood and it's going to turn some heads on the East Coast with it's nimble and energetic feel.  The new graphic shows off the tech that is put into these ripping skis.  

2017 Line Sick Day 95, 102 and 110

The new Line Sick Day's are the sexiest skis for 2017, going left to right we have the 110, 102 and 95.  It's tough to pick a favorite so we recommend you just buy all three and 'Make the Mountains your Beach.'  (well done McBride).

This is what we're stoked on for 2017 from construction, function to sick graphics.  


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