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Smith 4D MAG Goggles

Better field of vision, magnetic lens really locks on and crystal clear clarity — these goggles have everything you need and more. Bring your goggle game to the next level.


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Includes bright light and low light ChromaPop™ performance lenses and goggle hard case with microfiber bag.


The Smith 4D MAG offers advancements in technology across the board! The introduction of BirdsEye Vision increases the overall field of view by 25% compared to the other I/O MAG models. This increase in the field of view offers unparalleled, unobstructed vision all day long. The 4D MAG also comes with an upgraded interchangeable lens system. In this goggle, the magnetic locking mechanisms are integrated into the frame’s outriggers. This makes changing lenses quicker and easier than ever before. Each goggle comes with a high and low light lens, so no matter what kind of day you're having out there, you will be prepared. Add on that signature Smith style and you've got yourself one of the best goggles on the market. Smith definitely brings the on-mountain optic game to a whole new level with their popular 4D MAG goggle. 


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Tech Specs

  • Frame Size/ Large
  • Quick Change/ Yes
  • Spare Lens/ Yes
  • Notable Features/ Helmet compatible // ChromaPop Lens // MAG Interchangeable System // 5X™ anti-fog inner lens // QuickFit strap adjustment system with clip buckle

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The Smith 4D MAG Goggles is a top-tier goggle. Beloved by our testers, it offers an extended field of view, enhanced clarity and enough color options to match any kit. We seriously cannot say enough good things about it.

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