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Dalbello Lupo Factory Ski Boots 2018

Dalbello Lupo Factory Ski Boots 2018

Dalbello Lupo Factory Ski Boots 2018



The shell is the same as it's little brother the Lupo T.I that shares the same fit as the KR2 Pro, Il Moro and Fusion etc.  If you're trying to decide between which Lupo is best for you, the Carbon T.I. is better suited for skiers that are touring or hiking more than they are skiing -- make sense? (3 hours hiking or touring is more time than 30 minutes of skiing).  

The Lupo Factory weighs 360g less than the Lupo T.I.  Now while it's weight is almost 1 pound less per boot, you're not sacrificing downhill performance like you would in other boots that way 1 pound less than it's polyurethane brother.  Though with the Carbon cuff it will be a rougher ride than the regular non-carbon full polyurethane KR shells. 

Unlike the other intuition liners you'll find in the Krypton's the Lupo Carbon T.I has an intuition liner with a tongue.  This allows for better ankle range of motion when hiking or ascending. 

Bottom line, the DNA of this boot is nothing new, it's the same solid performance you've come to expect from Dalbello in a more uphill friendly package.  Sick boot.


Dalbello Lupo ti Carbon Action Shot, touring

Forward Flex / Boot Fit

Forward flex of 130 and a boot last of 98 mm.

Cabrio Design - 3 Piece Shell - A Cabrio designed shell makes the boots extremely strong torsionally, while providing a smooth consistent flex pattern. The increased support around the skier's foot and leg helps to maximize energy transmission and response.

Contour 4 - Dalbello is basically pre-stretching the ski boots to ensure instant comfort. They use inner boot foot mapping in four critical fit areas for an incredible out-of-box fit.

Dynamically Balanced Stance - This stance helps to center your body of the ski's sweet spot, giving you more control and maneuverability on all terrain and conditions.


I.D. KR MAX - A 100% custom heal moldable liner that is made with top-end Ultralon EVA Foam. This full wrap liner will give you the ultimate performance fit, with no pack out! The ID KR MAX liner is NOT body heat activated and needs to be heat molded on a Dalbello Intuition heater before use.


3 Aluminum Micro-adjustable Buckles - Super durable with micro adjust. These really help you to dial in your fit.

Dynalink Retention System

Dynalink - A closure system that keeps the skier's foot from sliding around, and keeps the skier's heel locked into the heel pocket. This increases control and responsiveness.

Ski / Hike

Ski Hike Mode - Dalbello's ski/hike function is lightweight and super easy to use. It is also combined with a two position adjustable flex, for the ultimate in range of motion whether hiking, walking for shredding.

Additional Awesomeness

Twin Canting - Gives you the ability to find your perfect leg-to-cuff alignment.

3 Buckle vs. 4 Buckle Ski boots

Low Cuff Hinge Point - By having a lower hinge point, the boot can flex more naturally with the skier's legs. This provides more power and a smooth consistent flex pattern.

2 Switchable Tongues - The boots come with two ribbed tongues that are easily interchangeable.

Grip Walk Rubber Toe/Heel - Maximum grip on the slickest of surfaces, clicks into any Marker Grip Walk compatible binding, Griffon, Jester etc.

Rubber Clad Hike Sole - A full rubber arch provides traction while hiking or climbing to your destination.

Forefoot Buckle Inverted - This prevents easy buckle breakage and/or unbuckling when your doing a sweet grab while you're inverted after hitting a backcountry booter. Holler. 

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