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Elan Ripstick 94


This is the girl you just met. 

While you are waiting in line to get into the bar, you start chatting with the girl in front of you. By the time you finally get in the door, you are new best friends. 
This chick is chill, she's super fun and down for whatever the night (ski day) brings. Your favorite thing about her? She can totally keep up with you. Great in most conditions, the Ripstick can be the ski you need in your life right now. Want to charge groomers? CHECK. Want to start touring? CHECK. (with a  Shift or Duke) Taking it easy today? CHECK. Whatever you ask of her, she's game. 

TLDR: One ski to do it all. Intermediate or Expert, you can get what you want out of this ski. 

Test Notes: She’s still the testing crew’s favorite ski, two years running. Responsive, playful but never lets us down when we want to charge. A top pick from all tester ability levels. 

Fischer Ranger 102 FR


Ranger caught your eye. Dressed in a bold hot pink and hanging out with all guys, they rock some serious confidence. You were a little intimidated by them in the beginning but you bought a round of shots and struck up a conversation. Turns out, if you work for it, the Ranger is going to be the friend you have the most fun with. On a spring corn day, a soft pow day, playing in the trees or shredding on buffed out groomers, the Ranger will make you work for it but holy….can they CHARGE while still being super playful. 

TLDR: Like a good old New England friendship...once you’re in, you’re in. You will be annoyingly inseparable unless you are feeling lazy or need a day on something narrower. 

Test Notes: The pink ski is always missing from the TSM demo fleet. This unisex ski is a favorite in almost all conditions and skis narrower than it is. Not for everyone, as you have to work a little bit for it, but if you are a confident skier who likes to play and go fast, join the #pinkskigang



Armada Reliance 92 Ti


The biker chick at the bar who is actually a total sweetheart. But don’t under underestimate her eagerness to please, she earned that leather jacket. Reliance absolutely shreds. She’s not going to slow down and wait for you but she will get you through anything and everything thrown your way. If you want to become a better skier, Reliance Ti will help you get there. She’s ready to have your back but still a little rough around the edges. 

TLDR: A charger built for those with some experience. 

Test Notes: I didn’t love the Reliance Carbon but the Ti has quickly moved up the ranks to top ski status. Built tough, it hangs on in some of the icier conditions but still peels through soft groomers. Confidence inducing and a great ski if you are looking to keep progressing.

Atomic Maven


This was the nerdy looking girl waiting by the bathroom who ended up drinking you under the table. Do you need to know more?

Maven flies under the radar but she is the one who will make sure you get home at the end of the night no matter how hard she sends it. If you want a stable, controlled ride that can keep up with the fastest of your crew, Maven is your girl. 

TLDR: Sneaky sender, and proper shred stick. Atomic did their homework. 

Test Notes: We love the entire Maven series. A great New England conditions ski that I would trust to hold up on any trip out west. Grips, responsive and speedy. 

Nordica Santa Ana 88, 93, 98


You’ve known Santa Ana since college. She always says YES to a night out. She’s been into a new diet and has lost a bunch of weight. You thought she always looked great but she feels much better now and has ordered a Skinny Margarita…You personally miss the old PBR drinking version but your other friends really like this lighter Santa Ana who they don’t have to babysit all night. 

Santa Ana has become a lighter more forgiving ski over the last few seasons, a solid ride in most conditions, they can shred a groomer and get you through some slush. The Santa Ana’s will definitely be jealous of your new friendship with that Ripstick you met outside the bar, but in the end, they are going to get along really well. 

TLDR: If you like a lighter, playful ski – Santa Ana is your buddy. Just don’t expect her to drink like she did in college.  

Test Notes: We have been favoring wider widths for women the last few years but the under 95 waists are making a comeback into our top ski picks. By the end of the 2021 season, our 88 Santa Ana was a favorite for resort shred days.


Head Kore 91


Kore is basically your older cousin who took you to your first bar. If you want to hang with the big kids but still feel safe and in control, party with Kore. She is the chick at the bar who always keeps her head on straight. Doesn’t drink too much but is still hanging around until closing time. She’s reliable and likeable by all. Raised with her twin brother (Head Kore 98) she’s almost a carbon copy of him. Pun intended. 

TLDR: For the skiers who hate when women’s skis are stripped down too much, the Head Kore is your girl.

Test Notes: The Kore 85, 91, and 97 are all badass. On a slushy spring test day, 97 was our favorite for powering through the soft stuff. The narrower waists arced some serious turns and can dig in better than many of their other skinny friends.


The TSM Lady Monster test team ranges from intermediate to former US Ski Team. While we love skiing with our male coworkers, grilling burgers and drinking beers - if we had it our way Après would be all about oysters, champagne and a good charcuterie board.

We know they feel the same way - but won't admit it. 

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