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Fischer Ranger 102 FR Skis 2022

Fischer Ranger 102 FR Skis 2022


r: 18 meters @ 177 centimeters // weight: 2000 grams @ 177 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

135 - 102 - 126

When we first heard that Fischer was adding a 102 millimeter waisted ranger, we were skeptical that it was going to be too similar to the 98 Ti.  But after skiing it in Jackson Hole, it was clear that the Ranger line could use a ski like this.  The Ranger 102 has a more subtle rocker profile than the other ranger skis in the line up and a twin tip style tail -- no tail notch for skins.  The 102 is surfier and less directional feeling than the 98 Ti, basically it doesn't carve as well on groomers but it's a lot easier to dump speed and smear a turn or two.  The added rocker in the tail makes it more friendly in the really tight trees or super bumped up trails with not enough fresh snow.  If you're sticking to trees and fresh snow you're gonna love the Ranger 102, it is built to gobble up all the glades from Jay Peak to Crystal Mountain -- yea, if it dumps you'll want some more width underfoot but it hangs pretty well for 102.  

Beech/Poplar Core

Titanal + Carbon Fiber tip and tail

Designed by: Fischer // Built by: Fischer, Ukraine Factory

TLDR: Built for experts, but forgiving enough that an aspiring intermediate can hop on it too.  Ski off trail and you'll love it, only shred groomers you'll want a bit more stability.

Recommended Binding: The Fischer Ranger 102 FR's do NOT include a binding, the best skis never do.

We recommend a Marker Griffon


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