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Marker Duke PT 12 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings 2023

The Duke PT 12 feels nearly identical to a traditional alpine binding. Most alpine touring bindings don't offer much downhill performance, the Duke is different. It's easy to click into, offers awesome power transfer and while it is a little heavier than other AT bindings, it's still effortless on the uphill side of things.

$369.99 Orig. $599.99

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Great binding for skiers who want a binding that skis well, and can go on a tour every now and then.

Squire + Uphill Pins = Duke PT 12

If a Marker Squire and a pin style touring binding fell in love and had a baby you would get the Duke PT 12. If you are setting up a ski to tour and ride the resort, the Marker Duke is a rock solid option. The secret to this hybrid success is the new Marker ride & hike toe piece. This toe is convertible and as soon as you unlock the upper part, tilting it forward, you expose the efficient pin style binding. The upper part of the toe can be stored right on the ski or it can be removed and stored in your pack to take some weight off your skis and strain off your legs. On the heel end you will be sporting the newest generation of the the Hollow Linkage Heel which makes it easier to click in with 30% less entry force. The brake also has a lock and walk function that keeps the brake from dragging while giving you a neutral and roughly ten degree climbing aid depending on boot size. The toe piece is also adjustable to work will the different kinds of boot soles like alpine, touring, and Gripwalk as well.


Tech Specs

  • DIN Range/ 4-12
  • Standing Height/ 24mm
  • Built By/ Marker, Czech Republic Factory
  • Weight/ 1150g per binding, 850g uphill w/ toe removed
  • Designed By/ Marker

Reliable, durable, and easy to step in and out of. Touring in the Duke is smooth and efficient while the downhill performance is about the same as a regular binding and nearly the best in the category.

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