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Volkl's Bio-Logic Ski Technology

Posted October 8, 2010 @ 9:07pm | by Eric Gerrmann

Volkl engineers revolutionized women specific products with the introduction of Bio-Logic. The new Bio-Logic system has 3 key attributes that allow women to have improved performance and ease of use.

This information should help you decide which Volkl skis are right for you!

Attribute 1: Bio-Logic Stance

Marker and Volkl engineers developed new Motion systems that put the skier in a more balanced stance. We created a more neutral stance by raising the toe of the binding- resulting in better balance between the muscles in the front and rear of the legs. The Bio-Logic stance affords less overloading of the quadriceps muscle action between the quads and hamstrings means better performance, and potential protection for the knees.

Attribute 2: Bio-Logic Geometry

Bio-Logic ski geometry - The proprietary  Bio-Logic sidecut shapes are more generous in the tip, and narrower in the tail than those of unisex skis. They feature a specific, progressive design that has a tighter radius in the front of the ski for easier turn initiation and a longer radius toward the tail. The narrower tail allows the skier to finish the turn with less effort, allowing her to transition from one turn to the next with ease. This also reduces the load on the knees during the end of the turn.

Attribute 3: Bio-Logic Flex

Volkl engineers carefully matched the flex of all Bio-Logic models to work in synergy with the new stance and geometry. Stiffer in the front of the ski for quick turn initiation, and softer in the tail for easy turn exit, the Bio-Logic flex enhances flex distribution and gives the skier the ultimate in comfort and control.

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