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Elan Ripstick 96 Black Edition Skis 2023

Elan Ripstick 96 Black Edition Skis 2023
Elan Ripstick 96 Black Edition Skis 2023


If perfect is a thing, the Ripstick 96 Black Edition is there or pretty darn close.  Among every skier at The Ski Monster the Ripstick 96 Black made everyone’s top 5 list. Nimble without being too soft, nimble while being super stable carving any shape turn — a ski that can do any shape turn and light AF.  The Elan Ripstick 96 Black edition is the same shape and profile as the ripstick green but with 4 carbon rods instead of 2.  Apparently those rods do a lot because the Ripstick 96 Black Edition has a lot more power without being overbearing.  Usually more powerful skis are difficult to manage at low speeds or in bumps and trees, they tend not to initiate a turn easily — not the Ripstick 96 Black.  This is a ski that will change how a lot of other manufacturers think about building skis. Ripstick 96 Black is one of the best skis ever made. @ me.

While the Ripstick 96 Black is more powerful, it is still light enough for a hybrid touring setup..

Tech Specs:

  • Radius: 18 m @ 180 cm
  • Weight: 1700 g per ski @ 180 cm
  • Profile: Rocker - Camber - Rocker
  • Dimensions: 136 - 96 - 110
  • Core Materials: Poplar & Paulownia
  • Added Materials: 4 Carbon Rods
  • Designed By: Elan
  • Built By: Elan


Select Length (cm)
  • 164

  • 172

  • 180

  • 188

It's not that the Ripstick 96 Green wasn't enough, it's that the Ripstick 96 Black is perfect.

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