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Team Icelantic: Eye of The Condor 2012

Posted August 7, 2012 @ 10:17am | by George Michaelsen

Like most sports out there, things tend to get mighty bro-y. Skiing is no different. However ladies, this calls for opportunity, not pessimism.  

Team Icleantic, All Womens Ski Team

Icelantic shattered the icy bro-heavy trend by forming the first ever all-women ski crew. These four women set out to La Parva, Chile to shoot seven days of female-full shredding, earning themselves “Best Video 2012”. Like these shredtastic ladies, being a chick and a skier no matter what your ability, which sticks you're shredding, or what peak you point them down, automatically makes you a big fish in a small pond.  

You'll turn heads, but even better, like the Icelantic gals you're guaranteed to have a killer time playing in the mountains. Part of that fun comes from the sheer awesomeness of being a part of the universal ski community. This culture, whose mantra is as much work hard / play hard as your alma mater's, and where obnoxiously bright clothing is a must, is one that crosses all boarders. To go from Europe to Canada to South America and back to the US and be amongst the same, small community of snow lovers is a unique and ultimate warm and fuzzy feeling.  The mountains speak one language and we are all out there listening and showing our love back. 

TEAM ICELANTIC: Eye of the Condor 2012, Awarded "Best Video" from Sprout Films on Vimeo.

Guest Blog Post: Anabelle Mclean, Boston MA

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