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Ski Boot Sizing Chart

Posted August 11, 2022 @ 11:06am | by George Michaelsen

Use our ski boot sizing chart below to get a good idea of what size ski boot you should be in.  Ski boots sizing charts can be troublesome for some people, due to the fact that people buy their shoes differently. Some wear their size, some size up, some size up A LOT!  If having the perfect fitting and performing ski boot is important to you, you need to see a bootfitter to get a pair of ski boots that is going to fit properly. If you're able to visit us in Boston book an appointment, bootfitting is our specialty.

Ski boots are sized on the mondo point scale -- which is really just centimeters. If you are able, measure the length of your feet in centimeters to know what size you actually measure in ski boots/mondo point. Generally speaking a comfort focused fit is going to be what you measure. i.e If you measure 26.5 cm you purchase a 26.5 mondo point boot.  Important to note there is no half sizing in ski boots, a 26 and 26.5 in almost all cases are the exact same from liner to shell to footbed -- it's just a different sticker.

Bottom line: Do you prioritize comfort in ski boots? Buy what you measure.

the best ski boot sizing chart.

The video below is a must watch for anyone buying their first pair of ski boots.

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More info on how ski boots are supposed to fit.


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