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Rossignol's AMPTEK Technology

Posted November 22, 2010 @ 1:16pm | by Eric Gerrmann

Rossignol's AMPTEK Technology

Rossignol Freeride Skis have undergone a major change. The skis have become more lively, they have improved float in powder, they have better edge grip on-trail and steer easier off-trail... How did Rossi create such versatility? The answer is AMPTEK.

AMPTEK combines traditional camber under foot with early rise rocker at the tip and tail. This delivers easier, more maneuverable control in powder, and better edge-grip and stability on harder snow. This technology makes skiing easier, livelier and more creative for everyone.

Rossignol AMPTEK RockerFrom ripping hardpack to dancing through trees to surfing deep powder, AMPTEK makes skiers perform better. AMPTEK allows for effortless performance, and is the most versatile and beneficial technology available for skiers of all ability levels.

AMPTEK combines positive and neutral camber under foot with negative camber at the tip and tail. The positive camber underfoot delivers power, energy and edge grip underfoot. The negative camber (Rocker) at the tip and tail delivers more flotation, easier steering and more forgiveness. The combination of the two delivers more excitement, stability and performance in most conditions. AMPTEK makes Rossignol Freeride ski's faster, smoother, more dynamic, more stable and easier to use.

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