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Nautique Surf System

Posted January 3, 2013 @ 9:50am | by George Michaelsen

Nautique Surf System

In the last 6 months or so we have seen and read about all the new surf systems coming out from boat manufacturers.  Malibu came out with the Surf Gate, Tige came out Convex VX Hull and MasterCraft produced the X-10.  Nautique decided to join the party.  

The Surf Gate is cool, you don't have to add a bunch of extra ballast and it's not a chore to switch from a wave on the Port or Starboard side, just flip a switch.

The Convex VX Hull from Tige extends the length of the boat when the boat isn't on plane making a larger and longer wave.

The MasterCraft X-10 went has MasterCrafts Hydrodynamic engineers modifying the hull to create a great surf wave on both sides of the boat, less gimmicky.

What's interesting about Nautiques Surf System is they talk about something that avid surfers talk about, and that's wave shape.  As you progress wake surfing you realize it's not just about having a huge wave or a long wave, it's about having the right shape too.  As you'll see in the video below you can change the steepness and length of the wave on Nautiques' touchscreen right on the boats dashboard.

The wave in the videos look good, can't wait to get out and ride behind a G23 or G25 with the surf system option.  Not sure if I know anyone that's footed the bill for one yet though.

Nautique Surf System How It Works

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