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Mastercraft X-10 Sneak Preview

Posted August 3, 2012 @ 9:00am | by Eric Gerrmann

Mastercraft Boats has eliminated the X-15 from their X-Series line-up and have just introduced its replacement. The Mastercraft X-10 is a brand new 21 foot boat that is a smaller version of the 23 foot Mastercraft X-30, which was unveiled with an all-new hull shape earlier this year. The shape of the X-10's hull features a flatter tail at the stern for tight turns and easy maneuverability, as well as a deep dead rise into the bow for a smooth and comfortable ride no matter what the conditions. The flip seat in the back of the boat is a great addition by Mastercraft. The seat allows spectators to comfortably sit, while looking directly at the rider in tow (see picture of interior below).

The wake on the Mastercraft X-10 looks like it's going to be extremely versatile. The unique design of the hull will provide a nice shaped wake regardless of the activity. The wakeboard wake is said to have that signature Mastercraft ramp and symmetry, and the wakesurf wave looks pretty legit on the starboard side of the boat (see surf wave picture below). The image of the surf wave was taken with stock ballast only! The wave is only going to get bigger and better once you load the boat up with fat sac's and spectators.

The tower is also new on the Mastercraft X-10. I don't know the name of the new tower or any of the specifics yet, but it looks pretty badass! Mastercraft has not released any official specs on the new X-10. All of the images are courtesy of Mastercraft's Facebook page.

Mastercraft X-10, exterior, 2013

Mastercraft X-10, exterior, 2013, on water

Mastercraft X-10, interior, 2013, wakeboard boat

Mastercraft X-10, towing, Wakeboarding, 2013

Mastercraft X-10, Wakesurf Wave, Goofy, Starboard

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