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Malibu Surf Gate

Posted July 30, 2012 @ 3:43pm | by George Michaelsen

Malibu Surf Gate

The Malibu Surf Gate which will be an option on Malibu boats starting in the 2013 model year looks pretty cool.  The idea with the Surf Gate is it makes the weighting the boat for wakesurfing easier.  The issue with wakesurfing as opposed to other watersports like wakeboarding or waterskiing, is it is harder to accomodate riders that are goofy and regular footed.  If the boat is set up for a regular footed rider, or weighted on the port side, water has to be drained then refilled on the starboard side to accomodate a goofy footed rider.  In the video below the boat is weighted evenly and with the flick of a switch the Surf Gate makes a surfable wave on either side of the boat.  

How the Malibu Surf Gate Works


The photo above is a what the Surf Gate looks like when it is deployed.  The Surf Gate offsets the wake on one side of the hull, causing the converging wakes to not meet in the same place.  This overlap creates a surfable wake on the desired side of the boat. Pretty Cool

Malibu Surf Gate, 23LSV Stock Ballast, Starboard Side

Photo above is from a 2013 Malibu LSV equipped with the Surf Gate, only stock ballast is being used.


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