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Line Traveling Circus Fried Ice: Andy Parry Recap

Posted October 22, 2015 @ 10:00am | by Andy Parry

Andy Parry and LJ Strenio athletes of, spent some time in Asia filming the Line Traveling Circus mini-movie.  Here's what Andy has to say about the trip.

After spending nearly 24 hours a day with someone for 3 weeks its not to hard to compile a list of dumb/funny stuff. Here are 5 LJ moments from our China/Korea trip for Line Traveling Circus.

1. LJ dislocating his finger THE FIRST DAY of skiing in China. Going to the hospital was kinda cool.

2. LJ eating a nasty weeks old fertilized chicken egg.

3. LJ and will Wesson getting into a mini fight and throwing beer at each other at a restaurant in Korea. They both got drenched.

4. LJ had to use the bathroom REALLY REALLY bad and ended up running across a big intersection into hospital to find a restroom. Lucky for him they had toilet paper!

5. LJ trying to slide the tops of mine and Leos skis in Korea. He hit his head really hard. Haha.

LJ Strenio Skate Bike Drift China

LJ Drifting

Andy Parry Line Traveling Circus Fried Ice

They see me rollin.

line traveling circus lj and will wesson

Poles vs. no poles..

Without further ado.... Fried Ice a film by the Line Traveling Circus

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