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After the 10 days I spent in Australia last fall for Line Traveling Circus I compiled a list of the cool/not cool things that I noticed.

Cool things about Australia:

Kangaroos, Kangaroo meat, Beer, Perisher and Thredbo are fun resorts, The trees are cool looking

Not cool things:

Deadly spiders, Kangaroo road kill (It's everywhere, seriously it's all over!), Didn't see many cats..... I give Australia a 8/10 mainly because they have Kangaroos.

Andy Parry in Australia Kanagaroos

Andy Parry behind scenes with Line Traveling circus Australia

Anyway here's the edit we made Down Under.

Christian is a local kid (Northwest) that contacted me via Facebook and asked if he could come up to Hood and film with me for a day This was the 2nd to last week of summer skiing and public park really didn't have too much left. We spent around 2 hours filming and got some tricks I'm really excited about. Enjoy!

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