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Elan Skis: WaveFlex Technology

Posted December 1, 2010 @ 11:20am | by Eric Gerrmann

Elan Skis: WaveFlex Technology

Elan Ski's Technology:

Elan's WaveFlex Technology

Built for on slope performance skiers looking for the new ultimate experience in skiing. 

Traditional ski construction does not combine a soft flex to carve turns and torsional stiffness to control the ski on the edge. In order to be versatile on the mountain in long and short turns, skiers need a softer flex and torsional stiffness. Elan's WaveFlex Technology combines both attributes in a unique way for fast, stable, high performance skiing on trail, while still allowing the skier more comfort and easier turn initiation.

- Better torsional stability - for improved edge grip in long turns

- Softer flex - for easier turn initiation in short turns

- Lightweight construction - reduces the overall volume of the ski and saves up to 15% of weight compared to traditional ski construction


RST Sidewall - Vertical sidewalls for maximum edge grip along the full length of the ski and direct power transmission to the edges at high speed. The World Cup proven technology is the ultimate choice for powerful and aggressive skiers.


Dual Titanium - Two Layers of titanium are placed above and below the woodcore. It enhances the ski's responsiveness and enable the progressive flex pattern.

Mono Titanium - One titanium layer is placed on top of the woodcore to enhance the responsiveness. To the sides, Mono Titanium guarantees durability of the flex pattern.


Laminated Woodcore - This tip-to-tail laminated woodcore is separately shaped for each model and size. By using different wood combinations the flex is adjusted for different uses. It's a responsive, durable core that maintains its flex and transmits power directly to the edges.

Power Woodcore - The power channels inside this tip-to-tail woodcore create this core's special characteristic. The power channels enable higher torsional stiffness on the one hand and reduce the weight on the other. This construction generates enhanced hold in the tip and tail area and uniform ski flex.

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