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5 Reasons to Buy a Dalbello Krypton

Posted October 13, 2010 @ 10:43pm | by George Michaelsen

Each person at The Ski Monster owns at least 2 pairs of skis for varying snow conditions and styles of skiing, combined our personal inventory covers almost every manufacturer of skis and bindings.  So many different skis, but there is one constant between all of us in our arsenal of ski gear, and that's our boots; everyone uses the Dalbello Krypton. Here's Why....

Dalbello Cabrio Design Shell

  • The Shells, off the shelf the boots are a 98mm last, the plastic is extra thick allowing for extreme stretching and grinding to accommodate very different feet, these are the best shells for boot work.
  • Cabrio Design, the lower shell of the boot is made up of stiffer plastics that come up higher on the leg, unlike other boots, for an extremely precise and responsive boot laterally, making your skis faster edge to edge.
  • NO SHIN BANG! This is the only boot out there that eliminates the oh so dreadful shin bang.  The low hinge cuff (ankle rivet), allows your ankle to flex forward naturally, instead of your shin getting pressure from the upper cuff of the boot.  The hinge point on these boots is about a centimeter lower than other 2 or 3 buckle boots, and about 2 centimeters lower than 4 buckle boots.  
  • Dalbello Intuition ID Liner, Intuition makes liners for many ski and snowboard companies; Full Tilt, K2, and Ride to name a few.  The liners built to Dalbello specs are made with denser, higher quality materials giving it superior customization and integrity over other lines available.  These liners are meant to be used and abused.  
  • Dynalink, keeps the foot in place while the boot is flexing, the Dynalink buckle is connected to the lower shell (green) instead of the upper cuff (white) allowing the upper cuff to flex forward while the buckle is fixed holding your foot in place.

Dalbello Dynalink Buckle


These are the best boots for skiers that want a superior fit, demand performance, like to ski hard anywhere and everywhere, and want to take their skiing a little further each run.

Check out Dalbello on Facebook. Rad dudes that make the best boots.

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