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2014 Centurion Enzo SV244 Sneak Peek

Posted June 14, 2013 @ 9:12am | by George Michaelsen

Centurion's new 2014 Enzo SV244 is a game changer for wakesurfer's out there.  Centurion covered everything that a wakesurfer is looking for in wake adjustablity with their new Cat System (Centurion Articulating Tracking System), Assymetrical Wing Plate (wake plate, trim tab) and Ram Fill ballast.  This will have loyal MasterCraft, Malibu, Nautique and Tige boat owners that love surfing consider moving over to Centurion.

Centurion Enzo SV244 Wake Surfing Boat

The CAT System gives the driver of the boat the ability to change the angle of the tracking fin underneath the boat.  By manipulating the angle of the tracking fin the boat planes on a different axis changing the steepness of the wave and length of the pocket.  Not only is this great for surfing but a way to get the wake even on both sides for wakeboarding, wakeskating or even waterskiing. I drive my boat a lot and there is nothing worse than having to ask people, especially women, to sit on the otherside of the boat in order to even out the wake.  Thanks Centurion for getting rid of that headache!

Centurion CATS Tracking Fin

The reason boats have a great surf wake on one side and a not so great one on the other is because of the direction the prop spins.  The Assymetrical Wing Plate makes for a great surf wave on both port and starboard sides.  In addition the wing plate also keeps the exhaust from hitting the water making for a much cleaner wake.  Oh and of course just like other trim tabs you have the ability to adjust the plate to change steepness and length of the wave.

Centurion Assymetrical Wing Plate on SV244

The Ram Fill Ballast that this new boat for 2014 is equipped with will make every wakeboard boat owner excited.  Adding thousands of pounds to your boat takes a little while there is only so much those little pumps can do, though it's pretty impressive.  Centurion's Ram Fill Ballast utilizes a scoop on the bottom of the boat that scoops up incoming water without the use of pumps.  In order to do this  the boat has to be underway to hit the 29 seconds as advertised the boat needs to be moving at 20mph, if you want to go 10mph maybe it'll take you 45 seconds; either way it's faster than what you have now!  Centurion made this super quick fill time possible by creating efficient air vents, think about how the vented top of a Coors Light, Miller Lite Punch Top or even a beer bong works; same idea.  In order to empty the ballast the boat has to be underway as well, and it will empty just as quickly.  Less time wasted = more time to enjoy on the water behind the boat.

Centurion Ram Fill Ballast Scoop

Centurion Ram Fill Ballast, Super Fast

I'm pretty excited about this boat, I'm going to have to grab my Skim and Surf board and demo this boat when my local dealer gets one in.  Fine tune the wake without using VAB (Voice Activated Ballast) ie. 'Hey can you move to the otherside of the boat please?'.  Fill up the ballast super quickly get on the water and have a great time, sounds good to me!  If you are a wake perfectionist like most watersport enthusiasts are you need to go check out this boat.

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