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We linked up with the crew from Tecnica / Blizzard to test out their 21/22 lineup at Cannon Mountain. They've got some killer stuff coming for next year, but most notably they are launching a completely redesigned Cochise boot. Unfortuately we can't share too much about this project yet but stay tuned for an update soon and a sneak peak below.

the ski monster, cannon mountain, skiing

Eric testing out the all new Thunderbird R15 WB.

skiing, ski, blizzard skis, cannon mountain, the ski monster

George bending the R15 Thunderbird.

ski, skiing, blizzard skis, Cochise boots, the ski monster, cannon mountain

Blizzard's Leslie Baker-Brown putting on a clinic on the best selling Black Pearl 88.

blizzard skis, the ski monster

Rustler 9 comes back unchanged.

Bonafide 97

blizzard thunderbird, skiing, ski, the ski monster

George digging in on the Brahma 88.

blizzard, brahma 88, skier, skiing, ski, the ski monster, Boston

SNEAK PEEK: All new Cochise Boot! (stay tuned for more details)

tecnica Cochise, ski boots, the ski monster, Cochise

No day on the snow is complete without an Apres session.

apres ski, apres, ski, skiing, beer

beer, apres ski, apres, ski, skiing, the ski monster


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