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How to Pick A Goggle Lens: Anon Lenses

Posted August 1, 2019 @ 3:21pm | by Andrew Plourde

Anon has been in the snow goggle game since ’01. Backed by Burton and driven by innovation, Anon has consistently raised the industry standard. Their advanced lens technology makes any day on the mountain fun, regardless of conditions or visibility.



Proprietary technology like Anon’s magnetic lens change system (Magna-Tech) allows you to swap out your bluebird lens for your low-lights in seconds… literally seconds. Quick change lenses are essential to keeping up with any type of condition.


Anon Magna Tech


Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI) is another clutch Anon perk. Anon offers MFI neck warmers and balaclavas, further showcasing how seamless gear integration is the future. MFI accessories are designed to be fog free, and compatible with all of Anon’s 2020 product line. Magnets are tighttt, and right now Anon’s magnetic game is second to none.

It can be overwhelming when selecting the right lens, especially when you have over 10 to choose from. Anon utilizes SONAR lens technology, developed by Zeiss optics (German engineering at its finest). SONAR provides the ultimate clarity when bombing the slopes, giving you heightened snow contrast to pick the perfect line.

With a wide variety of spare lenses to add to your goggle quiver, it’s important to understand Visible Light Transmission (VLT%). Basically, the higher the VLT%, more light will pass through the lens. On a bright sunny day, you would want a lens tint with a low VLT%. When it’s a white out, you need a high VLT%.


Anon SONAR Lens Tints


Most of these lenses are compatible with the Anon M2, Anon M3, Anon M4 Cylindrical, Anon M4 ToricAnon WM1 and the Anon Deringer.


Anon's Sun Range - Bright Conditions:

For those bluebird days we all love, check out what Anon has to offer:

SONAR Silver – VLT 6%

SONAR Smoke – VLT 7%

SONAR Red – VLT 14%


Anon's Everday Range - Medium to Bright Conditions:

These are Anon’s most versatile, for that mix of sun and clouds and end of the day riding:

SONAR Bronze – VLT 19%

SONAR Green – VLT 23%

SONAR Infrared Blue – VLT 39%

SONAR Pink – VLT 39%


Anon's Storm Range - Low Conditions:

When the snow starts coming down, or you find yourself on the slopes after the sun goes down, you definitely need to check these out:

SONAR Infrared – VLT 57%

SONAR Blue – VLT 46 %

SONAR Night – VLT 77%



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