Anon M3 Goggles

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Anon M3 Goggles


Two Lenses // Size: Medium // OTG Compatible: Yes

The Anon M3 Goggles harness the power of magnetism to construct the world's most elite goggle. 18 rare Earth magnets are located throughout the frame and lens for a powerful seal packing almost 3 pounds of force. Hands down the easiest lens swapping system we have crossed. No tabs, switches, or tricks...just pop it out and put one another back in. What's even more impressive is the MFI system that includes an integrated facemask that doesn't interfere with goggle ventilation which is held in by more magnets. Triple layer face foam and Wall-to-Wall vision is crazy comfortable while maximizing vision. The Anon M3 Goggle is no doubt one of our favorites and will become yours too.

MFI Facemask Compatible

Wall-to-Wall Vision

Full Perimeter Venting

TLDR: A classic cylindrical style goggle with a not so classic take on lens swapping tech...the power of magnets lets you change lens faster and more securely than you ever have before.

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