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Winter Storm Electra: Epic December Powder Days

Posted December 13, 2013 @ 1:29pm | by Steve Andrews

Winter Storm Electra, December Skiing, Powder DayMost of you have probably heard the rumors about a snowstorm for the eastern US. Some will call this Winter Storm Electra but we will simply call it Epic as many ski areas get to claim their first powder day this weekend! 

The storm gets going tonight over the lower Mississippi Valley, laying down a general 3-6" across parts of the mid Mississippi Valley, Ohio Valley, and Great Lakes through Saturday afternoon.  The mountains of West Virginia and Pennsyslvania get into the action later Saturday and Saturday night with a good 4-8" and then some over northern PA. Night skiing during a snowstorm can be a blast and those in PA, NY, and western New England will be able to lay fresh tracks under the lights as the storm progresses east and becomes more robust Saturday night.  The storm should travel along the southern New England coastline then up toward Nova Scotia on Sunday.

First tracks will be in high demand Sunday morning for just about every ski area from northern NJ to NY to New England with a decent amount of snow falling during Saturday night. The fun continues over central and northern New England Sunday with more accumulating snow on the backside of the departing storm.  

A solid 5-10" will cover most of NY and New England by Sunday morning but it will keep adding up Sunday in the Berkshires in western MA to the Greens in VT, the Whites in NH, as well as southwest NH and northern MA where a 12-18" should be pretty easy to get.  The same can be expected in the mountains of Maine with Monday being the better powder day for them.  

Looking a little further ahead...A smaller weather system zips across the Great Lakes and Northeast Tuesday with a widespread 2-4" of fluff for pretty much everyone.  A few more inches of fluffy snow are likely Wednesday up in NY, VT, and NH with an acrtic front moving through. The cold air isn't going anywhere soon so there will also be a full on snow making assault at every mountain over the next several days in the East.  With the cold and storminess in the East that means the ski areas in the West will be quiet and mild through the middle of next week.   



Winter Storm Electra, New England

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