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Wide Skis: Why They Are Awesome

Posted June 16, 2010 @ 3:51pm | by Eric Gerrmann

People ask us all the time about the width of skis... Will a wider ski perform well on groomed terrain? Will I be able to turn a wide ski?Are these skis only made for deep snow?

Skis waist width has been creeping wider over the last few years offering skiers a variety of wider platform choices. With so many wider ski options its hard to believe that so many skiers still haven't made the switch. A long time skiers initial thought seems to be... "Those look like waterskis!". Turn initiation and quickness edge to edge may present more of a challenge by being on a wider platform, but its not as difficult as you may think.

Added float is a huge benefit of having a wider ski. Whether its fresh powder or spring time slush, the greater amount of surface area will blast right over it. The construction quality of wider skis has improved drastically over the last few years. The skis are designed with deeper sidecuts in the shovel, or the tip of the ski, for easy turn initiation.  

Torsional rigidity has also improved dramatically since the conception of wider skis.  With better torsional stiffness wider skis perform exceptionally well on groomed and hardpack conditions. The torsional stiffness decreases chatter at higher speeds, and allows the ski to have increased edge hold on hardpack snow. 

Another huge advancement in the progression of wide skis are the ski bindings. Manufacturers are now making bindings specifically designed for wide skis. These bindings are wider and more rigid laterally making it easier to roll the ski edge to edge and more compact allowing the ski to have more flex. They also raise the skier higher off the snow allowing for more leverage to engage the ski. The way the wide-ride binding grips the boot adds for a increased level of responsiveness, when a skier is transferring from one edge to another.  Marker has done an awesome job of designing their "Royal Family" of bindings including the Marker Jester and Marker Griffon.

Wide skis take skiers to a new level of versatility by combining added float, without completely sacrificing edge hold and agility.  Whether your skiing on or off trail, in deep snow or hardpack a wider ski gives you the unique experience of being able to handle it all.  So don't be afraid to hop on a pair, it really changes the game.



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