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Where to Wakeboard: Lake Minnetonka, MN

Posted July 28, 2012 @ 9:00am | by Eric Gerrmann

When it comes to epic boat parties, Lake Minnetonka should be at the top of everyone’s list.. The pull-up bars like Lord Fletcher's, Maynards and Sunsets in Wayzata Bay and epic boat parties on Big Island, draw the party goers back week after week.  The party scene on Minnetonka is truly in a league of its own. 

For those of us who dabble in the art of watersports, Lake Minnetonka delivers yet again. The layout of the lake makes Minnetonka an unreal spot to wakeboard and wakesurf. Despite its proximity to the twin cities, you can always find calm and perfectly shreddable water.  The lake has a variety of bays that provide ideal shelter from the busy waters of the main lake. In order to pass into these quiet shredding spots, one must go through no wake channels, which further protect the water from any excess boat traffic. With so many awesome spots to ride. talking about all of them would literally take all day, so I have chosen three that are my personal favorites.

Where to wakeboard, Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota

Where to Wakeboard on Lake Minnetonka: Halsted Bay, North Arm and Forest Lake.

Halsted Bay

Halsted is located in the quietest part of the lake. The lengthy boat cruise keep most boaters away and makes Halsted an ideal spot for glassy conditions. The bay is shaped like the letter H, which helps to accommodate multiple boats and protect water from windy conditions. The H shape allows for three different wakeboarding passes. No matter which direction the wind is blowing there will always be smooth water in Halsted Bay.

North Arm

North Arm is located on the north portion of the lake and is accessible through the larger more heavily traveled Crystal Bay. North Arm is a long straight bay that is ideal for long wakeboard or surf runs. The length allows riders to get extremely long passes. The bay is perfect for practicing new tricks or getting beginners comfortable behind the boat without adding additional waves from turning or other boat traffic.

Forest Lake

If the weekend is your only time to wakeboard, then be sure to check out Forest Lake. It is a small bay with an extra long “DisneyLandish” channel as the only way in or out. The bay is usually empty and has exceptional riding conditions. Forest Lake’s round shape and tall tree line offer full protection from the wind, providing super smooth water anytime of day.

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