Where to Eat: Kenichi, Aspen Colorado

Posted March 20, 2013 @ 11:05am | by Eric Gerrmann

Where to Eat: Kenichi, Aspen Colorado

Aspen, CO offer's some of the best skiing and dining experiences in the world. With so many dining options, this ski town can satisfy any cravings that may arise during your visit. My most recent visit brought on a serious hankering for raw fish. There are a few different places that serve up sushi in town, but if I were to choose one that satisfies time and time again it would be Kenichi.

Kenichi serves some of the finest and most ingenious speciality sushi rolls you will find anywhere. The restaurant combines a creative menu with a contemporary asian atmosphere. The dining area and sushi bar roll into one another, for an incredible open air feeling throughout the entire restaurant. 

In a town filled with stuffy high-end cuisine, Kenichi offers world class sushi in a comfortable relaxed environment. Whether you're ordering one roll with a Sapporo or thirty rolls with a bottle Veuve Clicquot, your overall Kenichi experience will be nothing short of excellent.

Sushi Recommendations:

When I visit a restaurant known for having exquisite raw fish, I tend to stay away from the entrees and appetizers (except edamame, obviously) and go directly for the reason why I'm there in the first place... Sushi. Everyone has there own favorite rolls they like to order, but here a few options that I always find myself gravitating towards...

The Blake Roll. It's named after Nicholas "Blake" Davidson, who was a Snowmass Village Resident that died in a December 2006 avalanche. The Blake Roll is one of my all-time favorite rolls, and a must order at Kenichi.

Blake Roll - Tempura Shrimp, Cucumber, Avocado, Inside Out, Topped Spicy Tuna and top with Eel Sauce

Anytime a roll has both snow crab and tuna, you have to order it.

Kenichi Special - Snow Crab, Tuna, Cucumber, Avocado, Inside Out, Topped with Smelt Eggs

Don't be afraid of the Godzilla. The addition of strawberry to the roll makes it refreshingly unbelievable!

The Godzilla - Eel, Cucumber, Inside Out, Topped with Avocado, Strawberry, Eel Sauce

Last but not least, Spicy Tuna. Sushi goers everywhere know that you absolutely have to try a sushi restaurant's Spicy Tuna roll. And Kenichi delivers a tasty one.

Spicy Tuna - Tuna, Cucumber, Avocado, Sriracha, Shichimi

Appetizer if you must...
I know, I know... I literally just said I usually stay away from appetizers. But if you are ravenous and need something else besides fish on your palate, order the Ton Gyoza for an appetizer. These are wild boar pot stickers that will surly satisfy everyone at the table, before the fish starts to arrive.

Kenichi, Aspen, Colorado

Kenichi, Aspen, Colorado

Kenichi, Aspen, ColoradoWhere to eat, Kenichi, Aspen, Colorado

Kenichi, Aspen, Colorado

Kenichi, Aspen, Colorado

Kenichi, Aspen, Colorado

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