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Thank You JP Auclair

Posted October 1, 2014 @ 2:00pm | by Beau Schwab

jp auclairYesterday, as I was driving eastbound on I-70 to Denver International Airport I have to admit I was feeling less than thrilled to be headed in that direction. I was day dreaming about the miles of phenomenal single track I mountain biked in Steamboat over the weekend and thought about how I would much rather be doing that.

As I turned on to Peña Blvd I looked to the west and saw freshly snowcapped peaks from the storms that had passed through the day before. My mood took an instant turn for the better. I celebrated by myself in my truck for a few minutes. Took a goofy selfie SnapChat and called my skiing partner in crime for the past five seasons, Anabelle and shared the news.

About an hour or so later I caught wind of the news of Sir JP Auclair. It’s never good news to hear about someone in the ski community passing on, it became evident my mood was now taking a roller coaster ride. I thought it wild, the first day of the year I see and celebrate the snow and new season about to unfold upon us, and we loose one of the very best all at once

Last night, Pretty Faces premiered at the Boulder theatre in Boulder, Colorado. A celebration and landmark for our sport, an all-female athlete film featuring chicks who rip, finally! A true celebration.

Although I was not present at the sold out premier I was at the same theatre on Sunday night to see Phantogram. The only reason I listen to this band is due to the Teton Gravity Research film “Light the Wick”. During the Croatia scene Phantogram’s track, Mouthful of Diamonds plays perfectly in the background of deep European pow, oh… and they rock. 

All of this Irony seems so cyclical in a way. Skiing makes me take chances, spend money when I shouldn’t. It makes me feel alive and is the reason for so many things I do.

Over the past 24 hours I have seen so many write ups, short stories, and memories shared throughout the ski community about their experiences and run-ins with JP. Memories of his insane movie segments or gracious thoughts and seemingly outlandish ideas some may have shared with him over the years. He was the spark that made so many of those dreams become a reality. From these stories I have learned even more about how he touched so many intricacies that have become some of my favorite things about skiing, it’s unreal, this guy was quietly everywhere.

Last night when I got home from work I pulled out my biggest heaviest mug from the cabinet and the darkest beer in the fridge and poured one out. Thank You JP Auclair.

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