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Posted May 15, 2012 @ 10:41am | by Eric Gerrmann

Wearing sunglasses on the water is standard operating procedure. The summer sunglasses you select will set the tone for the entire day. These are five pairs of sunglasses are The Ski Monster's go to shades for the summer of 2012.

Oakley Frogskins – Blacklight Pink, Yellow with 24k Lens

The neon yellow stems really pop when they're in the sun, and the 24k lens adds a whole new level of perspective when out on the water.

Oakley Frogskins Blacklight Sunglasses, Summer Sunglasses













Oakley Holbrook – Limited Edition Deuce Coupe

This limited edition Oakley Holbrook is translucent neon green, need I say more...

Oakley Holbrook, Summer Sunglasses













Ray Ban Wayfarer – Original Frame, Tortoise Shell, Polarized Brown Lens

A friend of mine turned me on to these glasses. The Wayfarer's give off a vibe that is extremely stylish, yet steezy at the same time. Whether you own a yacht or go to $10 basement electro shows, these sunglasses will make you feel like a boss.

Ray Ban Wayfarer, Summer Sunglasses













Oakley Dispatch II – Persimmon Fade, Fire Iridium Lens

This is a brand new model in the Oakley line-up. The Oakley Dispatch II is new and improved, with Oakley's three-point-fit and interchangeable metal icons. When your wearing these sunglasses, you're truly killing it! Read TheSkiMonster's full Oakley Dispatch II Review Here.

Oakley Dispatch II, Summer Sunglasses













Ray Ban Aviator – Gunmetal Frame, G-15 XLT Polarized Lens

The Ray Ban Aviator is the classic pair of summer sunglasses. These shades are the most recognizable and most respected among Top-Gun enthusiasts. Question: Have you ever driven full throttle across the lake wearing Aviators, with "Highway to the Danger Zone" on max volume?... Well you should... because that my friends, is America.

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses, Summer Sunglasses

The Ski Monster Logo, Summer Sunglasses

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