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Ski Movie Review: Stept Productions Mutiny

Posted October 10, 2013 @ 6:53pm | by Steve Andrews

Stept Productions, Mutiny, Ski Movie ReviewNick Martini and Cam Riley of Stept Productions have, once again, come out with yet another "Holy sh!t" kind of hardcore urban ski movie that pushes the envelope of stomp-or-else consequences. "Mutiny" is unlike any other ski movie coming out this Fall and it shows how crazy the level of commitment has gotten with street skiing.  Many of the street features these guys hit require a scary amount of precision where there is no messing around with second chances.  

Longtime Stept veterans Clayton Vila and Charlie Owens charge super hard with massive gaps, slamming their skis about as hard as possible on every non-snow surface they hit. Cam Riley puts down a movie ending segment of Cam Riley proportions with long, fast, kinky rails.  Spend quality time with Shea Flynn in the operating room as his shoulder gets a tune up. Even with Shea's shoulder issues he still manages to tough through it with a segment of classic thug style.  Newer members to the crew, Noah Albaladejo and Kieran Mcveigh bring a fresh scent of young blood to the city with good tech rail skills.  There are a couple of segments that actually involve more snow than metal/concrete and are reminders that this is, in fact, a ski film.  Sean Jordan and Alex Beaulieu-Marchand send it off late season booters while stretching their newest steeze circling high up in the air.  

The title "Mutiny" is so appropriate for what the Stept crew is about and how they fit into the sport of skiing.  This movie goes a little deeper by showing more of the mutiny lifestyle and gives you a glimpse into the glamorous lives of these professional urban dwellers.  A a lot of effort goes into each mission to get shots for the film. This mini movie production company stealths their way onto private property in the middle of the night so that one skier can hope for just a couple attempts at their next potential segment-ender before the whole operation gets shut down by security, or some other doofus. 

The crash section and other slams throughout the movie give you a perspective you might prefer not to see, but that is the reality of what these guys are up to and they face those risks head on…literally, sometimes. The old guy in the movie says it best, ""They do it because they are young and full of piss and vinegar."  (And maybe some other substances, as well.) Check out Mutiny to see more into the dark side of skiing.

Stept Productions, Ski Movie Review, Mutiny

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