Spring Skiing: Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Posted April 23, 2012 @ 12:21pm | by George Michaelsen

Spring Skiing: Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Spring skiing is awesome.  It's warm out, the sun is shining, you're getting a killer goggle tan, and your skiing like a rockstar because... well you've been skiing all season and now you're on hero snow.  Not to mention your favorite resorts have bands playing on the weekends, epic pond skimming events, gaper day, 80's day, the apres skiing is ridiculously fun.  It's tough to move on to the next season, but the mountains force us into summer mode every year as the snow melts back down into the rivers and reserviors.

But some of us can't accept what the mountains are trying to do, so skiing continues on, I mean why not.    Just grab your favorite pair of rock skis a can of WD40, lube those boards up, throw on some board shorts and load your iPod up with whatever gets you stoked.

Skiing on grass isn't for everyone, some people struggle making the jump from snow skiing to grass skiing, here's a video that came out last week filmed in Aspen showing you how it's done. 

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