Skiing or Should I say Shredding in 1931

Posted June 27, 2012 @ 11:32am | by George Michaelsen

Skiing in the 1930s

Shredding on skis isn't as new as many Newschoolers may think.  Watching this video of skiing in 1931 before 'Hotdogging' was even a part of skiing vocabulary is pretty epic.  These skiers don't have bindings with release settings designed for safety, plastic boots designed for precision and control or skis designed to float in powder.  The equipment they are using would freak most if not all of us out today, yet they are still ripping up the hill, dropping cliffs, slashing lines, getting air and having fun.  This is what skiing or should I say shredding looked like 80 years ago, when skiers wore leather boots not much different from a pair of modern day dress shoes.

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