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Hey guys, it's Kara again and welcome to Part Two of The Ski Monster Workout Guide. It’s been a year since our last post and it’s almost winter so most of you have likely mastered level 1 of the workout, so now you have a goal to reach before hitting the slopes this season: mastering Level 2. This set of more advanced exercises focuses on challenging owning your stability, strength and coordination that you developed in level 1. 

I’ve written two days for you, each day with 2 circuits of 3 sets with varying reps. As recommended in the Level 1 post, take 24 hours minimum between these two strength days to give your muscles time to recover and build back stronger. Use enough weight that you feel fatigued by the last 2 reps, but not so much that you are lifting to muscle failure every time. You’re in this for the long game, some days you’ll lift heavier than others and that’s okay. On the days you have high motivation and feel strong, #SENDIT and lift some heavy weights; other days it’s okay to back off if you need. Just keep that end goal in mind, regardless of what it might be. If you’re here though, I'm going to assume it’s shredding the slopes on back-to-back days feeling stronger than you ever have before. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re ski workout doesn’t at least include being on your feet and lifting heavy weights, you’re not going to thrive. So get moving.  

For the Level 1 Workout Guide and a much deeper dive into why strength training is an important part of prepping for your ski season - check out Part 1 of our Ski Workout Series

I’m always available for questions and training advice on IG @kara_michaelsen

Day 1, Circuit 1:  

Medicine Ball Dead Bug: 3x20 Reps (keep the load lighter here to begin) 

Side Plank Knee Drive: 3x30-45 seconds 

Front Plank Knee Drive: 3x12 Reps (hold knee to elbow for 3-5 seconds per side) 

Day 1, Circuit 2: 

Half Kneeling Overhead Press (narrow stance): 3x6-8 Reps per Leg

Single Leg Glute Bridge: 3x12-15 Reps per Leg 

Lateral Lunge to Knee Drive: 3x10 Reps Each Side 

Single Leg Overhead Press: 3x6-8 Reps per Leg  


Day 2, Circuit 1: 

Medicine Ball Dead Bug: 3x20 Reps (keep the load lighter here to begin) 

Side Plank Knee Drive: 3x30-45 seconds

Plank Single Leg Lift: 3x10-30 Seconds per Leg 

Day 2, Circuit 2: 

Single Leg Static Glute Bridge w/Bench Press: 3x10 Reps per Leg (move slowly through the bench press here to challenge glute strength) 

Single Leg RDL: 3x10 Reps per Leg 

Single Arm Kettlebell Front Squat: 3x8-10 reps per arm  

Spiderman Push-up: 3x As Many Reps with Good Form 

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