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Marina Bay Sands - Singapore

Posted May 16, 2012 @ 9:54am | by George Michaelsen

People love ridiculouness, things that are outrageously over the top, with the volume cranked to 11.  If you have 8 Billion dollars you can build the most expensive casino in the world, The Marina Bay Sands.  The Marina Bay Sands is located in Singapore.  The question isn't what does this hotel and casino have, the question is what doesn't it have.  Boasting over 2500 hotel rooms, 1.3 million square foot convention center, 2 theatres, 500 tables, 1600 slot machines, an ice skating rink, and a 50 acre resort on the roof.  

The 50 acre resort on top of the 55 Story Marina Bay Sands is absolutely ridiculous. The 500 foot long infinity pool looks over Marina Bay with the Singapore's Skyline as the backdrop, ridiculous.  Staying in the hotel will cost you a pretty penny, $1000 - $4000 per night, but access to the 3900 person capacity Sky Park is only $20 for adults, $17 for Senior Citizens and $14 for children.  

Marina Bay Sands Swimming Pool

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park - Aeriel View

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool

Marina Bay Sands Sunset

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool

Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino at Night

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