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Lodging Review: The Hostel at Jackson Hole

Posted March 26, 2012 @ 1:05pm | by Beau Schwab

The Hostel at Jackson Hole is a must for any skier interested in low cost quality lodging at the base of one of Americas Most difficult ski areas, Jackson Hole. I recently got the chance to spend three days and four nights in this legendary ski hostel, comfortably nestled next to the Mangy Moose, a must for the Après J. Hole’r, and within spitting distance of the Tram. Well maybe not spitting, but I could have lay down and rolled there given a few beers or a bet. (I’m pretty sure they like to gamble out there)

The Hostel at Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Booking the Hostel at Jackson Hole is easy, just call or book online. The Hostel offers discount lift tickets if you buy through them. Its only 7% off but you still feel special knowing your getting a deal. I mention this so early in the booking process because it’s what you should be there for…shredding. If you want to shop, stay in town and tell Pendleton a real cowboy called and wants his saddle blanket back, just sayin’.

The Hostel was fully remodeled in 2011 so everything is really nice and fresh. They offer classic hostel style rooms with a few bunks to share with other travelers as well as a variety of classic style hotel rooms, so you can have your own room and shower. The Hostel has a really cozy feel. The walls are not the thickest so you can here everyone putting their boots on in the morning to catch the first tram, just call it a built-in alarm clock that lets you know when it’s shred thirty. In the fully furnished basement of The Hostel there is a massive common room perfectly outfitted for mingling with your buddies and strangers. Play a round of ping pong while you’re waiting for the tuning benches to clear. If you brought your own food, feel free to use the industrial sized freezers and fridges. We just left our cooler and beers sitting outside our door just like everyone else. There seems to be a nice understanding between the skiers and riders staying at the hostel don’t mess with my stuff and we won’t mess with yours.

If you are thinking about transplanting yourself to Jackson for a season the hostel is a great option to consider. All hostel employees live at the hostel for free…not a bad deal.The Hostel at Jackson Hole, Wyoming












The Ski Monster Logo, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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