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Liquid Force BBQ Bro Down

Posted July 12, 2012 @ 6:52pm | by Eric Gerrmann

Liquid Force BBQ Bro Down is going down this Saturday July 14th at Wow Wakeplace in Minden, NV. Wow Wakeplace is located just east of Lake Tahoe and offers multiple cable parks for all riding abilities. 

This Saturday Liquid Force along with other various sponsors will be providing free wakeboarding lessons on two cable set-ups. Liquid Force pro athletes will be in attendance, as well as a handful of 2012 demo boards and bindings for all to try! Whether it's your first time riding at a cable park or an experienced shredder looking to get in some solid practice runs, head to Wow Wakeplace this weekend for a seriously sick day on the water... You will at least walk away with some free schwag.

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