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K2 Snowboard's Baseline Technology

Posted July 22, 2010 @ 3:32pm | by Eric Gerrmann

K2 Rocker Technology

K2 Snowboards Baseline Rocker Technology has six different designs: Camber, Flatline, Catch Free, Jib, All-Terrain, Powder

– Camber: Traditional Suspension

A classic snowboarding feel that needs no introduction, CAMBER provides a traditional power transfer and a stable secure feel. Great for riders of all levels that like springy suspension in and out of the turn.

– Flatline: The Perfect Balance

Demanded by K2 Team Riders and proven through multiple awards, K2 is the leader in development of this base profile. Preloaded, stable, and turn-ready, FLATLINE promotes a supremely balanced, smooth ride for both aspiring and accomplished pros.

– Catch Free Rocker: Fun and Forgiving

By bringing the contact points out of the snow, turns happen before the edge bites providing the rider with absolutely no catch! This small amount os CATCH FREE ROCKER results in more confidence throughout the learning curve and unlocks faster progression on all terrain.

– Jib Rocker: Park and Rail Authority

Jib Rocker is a versatile twin Rocker built to dominate the park. Just enough rise in the tip and tail to create a loose buttery feel on all types of terrain. Contact points stay well off the snow until engaged - eliminating edge hook while maintaining fun pop.

– All Terrain Rocker: All Conditions Versatility

Designed for use throughout the mountain. ALL TERRAIN ROCKER allows for effortless turns on hard-pack but also provides ample float in softer snow and crud. A setback stance and medium rise through the tip and a lower rise in the tail defines this multi-purpose board.

– Powder Rocker: Ultimate Performance In Deep

POWDER ROCKER delivers the most Rocker for the most snow - enabling you to float through anything while still maintaining a high level of performance on groomed terrain. A stiffer nose and tail ensure stability in an otherwise maneuverable and lively package.

K2's Core Technology

K2 Snowboards have six different core constructions: W1, W2, WH3, WH4, WH5, Bambooyah

New Bambooyah - This core is indestructible. BAMBOOYAH represents a new era of unparalleled durability in snowboarding and can be found exclusively on K2's new park board - the Fastplant. BAMBOOYAH core come with an extended 5-year warranty.

WH4 - This core maximizes absolutely every element of K2's cores. With a greater percentage of Honeykomb than the WH3 Core, it's engineered to maintain durability at minimal weight.

WH3 - Using the same wood lay up as the W2 core, K2 WH3 adds two strips of Honeykomb material between the bindings and the rails.

WH2 - Three species of renewable wood as assembled to optimize strength, reduce weight, and enhance dampening without the addition of other materials.

W1 - K2's W1 core is characterized by a single species of pure wood with proven flex, durability, and snap. This is K2's standard core for entry to mid-level snowboards.

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