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K2 Shreditor 112 Ski Review

Posted April 9, 2013 @ 11:08am | by George Michaelsen

The first day I skied the all new 2014 K2 Shreditor 112 was at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire on an epic hero snow day with the sun shining, perfect for pushing skis hard and finding where their limits are.  The Shreditor 112 measures in at 135-112-130 with K2's All-Terrain Rocker.

2014 K2 Shreditor Waist Width, Dimensions, 179cm

Clicked in with my DIN's set to 11 ready to charge and see what these things were made of we headed up North Peak to see what would happen when we tipped em and ripped em.  Let me tell you, K2 put their money where their mouth is when naming the ski the Shreditor, this 112mm waisted ski is just fine for East Coast skiing.  If you like to charge making big turns on the groomers and drop your hip into the snow like your trying to make the cover of Ski Magazine, you'll like this ski.  

Day 2 at Loon we got some fresh snow and it was dumping all day.  We had a pretty awesome winter here in the Northeast so the trees had a good base and were totally skiable.  The Shreditor 112's are pretty light and the All-Terrain Rocker makes the skis really nimble in the tighter New England trees.  After skiing these for the better part of 2 days and having an absolute blast I told our K2 rep.. 'Dude, these are pretty F#@king sick, can I take these to Aspen next weekend?'  He said 'Yea bro, just take these ones, have an awesome trip!'

This time going to Aspen we flew in to Eagle and caught a ride in, that was a good move because no flights made it into Denver or Aspen that day due to the nuking snow.  Day 1, I made my way over to Aspen Highlands since they got the most snow in the storm and tried to be one of the first to the top of the Highland Bowl.  Highlands got about 10 inches of snow and I wanted first tracks (which I didn't quite get, my lungs were used to Sea Level)

Dropped in and hauled making some pretty big turns heading down the bowl.  If you haven't done the Highland bowl before, you can get moving  on a 45+ degree pitch.  The Shreditor 112's didn't float as well as the Atomic Automatics and not as good as the Obsetheds or the 2013 Pettitors.  But I will say nothing floats as well as those skis in deeper snow on steep terrain, but those skis don't ski the rest of the mountain as well as the Shreditor 112's.  

2014 K2 Shreditor Tips, Ski Review

2014 K2 Shreditor Tails, Ski Review

Pros: Insane stability on harder snow, super nimble in trees and light weight.

Cons: Doesn't float as well as comparable skis in its waist width catagory.

Bottom Line:  The K2 Shreditor 112 is one of the best 100+mm waisted skis you can get for East Coast skiing if you're an expert skier.  If you like to carve, want something that is awesome in the trees and floats pretty well on the open steep steep bowls you're going to have fun on this ski.  

Ski Sizing Tip: These skis do run long, I normally ski about a 185cm length in comparable rockered skis, these I'll do in the 179cm.

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