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How to Travel to Mount Hood

Posted May 16, 2013 @ 8:47am | by Beau Schwab

How to travel, Mount Hood OregonIts that time of the year again when everyone who lives to slide down hill on the white stuff heads to the heart and soul of summer skiing and riding in the U.S., Mount Hood, Oregon.

For anyone who has never been, Mount Hood rises from the horizon as a spectacular giant and is a gawker’s paradise from all angles. It serves as a beacon of hope for skiers and riders that someday winter will return. Hood offers a slice of sanity for the gravity hounds and the snow dogs and brings the winter community together to pull through the hard months.

If y’all haven’t figured it out yet is a bunch of east coasters with some west coast transplants, but for the most part we’re in Boston, M.A. which means if we’re going to get the hell out of dodge we have Boston Logan International, just a few minutes from our door step.

Last July I did just that, got the hell out of dodge for a few and set up camp at my friend Lindsay Strange’s third floor apartment for a week in…ironically, Government Camp, the small town at the base of Hood.

So how does a New Englander make their way to the opposite side of the country with such ease? I Booked a trip on the California based airline, Virgin America who had recently opened up shop in Portland O.R. just for me, not really…but you can imagine what it would be like if they did………everyone needs a Billy Madison quote once in a while.

Flying Virgin out of Boston is awesome because the operation is small. It only takes a few minutes to get through the Virgin America TSA line. They run a couple morning flights and a couple evening flights to either Los Angeles or San Francisco both of which have connections up to Portland, the easy to navigate, medium sized airport.

I’m not writing this blog to inform just the Eastern shredders it’s easy to get to Hood but that it’s also a bad ass, cozy ass trip. On board Virgin is a trip all in itself. The interior is illuminated with purple lighting. Each seat has its own remote and T.V. screen with movies, music, and a menu. Virgin was also recently voted as the number one domestic airline.

So why hang up the equipment now when the heat is just getting turned up out west. Book a flight and get sendy on some corn.

How to travel, Mount Hood Oregon
How to travel, Mount Hood Oregon
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