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GoPro Vs. Contour

Posted March 28, 2012 @ 11:37am | by George Michaelsen

GoPro Vs. Contour

Ask any ski or snowboard shop employee that carries POV cameras, what one of the most popular questions of the season was and they'll tell you "GoPro Vs. Contour, which one is better?"  Not only is it one of the more popular questions out there for people that want to capture their adventures on film, it is one of the most controversial.  The two brands have a loyal following, and the question can lead to some heated conversations.

GoPro was the first big POV camera to hit the market, Contour was next inline.  A few of us here have owned both and used them for various activities; Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, Boating, Wakesurfing, Wakeboarding, and Mountain Biking.  Since I do all of these different activities, it only makes sense that I would want a camera that is good for all of them.

My experience:  The Contour is easier to use.  You have probably seen the video "Shit Skiers Say" and the button on the GoPro isn't that easy to use, the sliding on/off switch on the Contour is great, you can tell if it's on or off.  Contour also makes more mounts than GoPro does, giving you more angles to get killer shots.  When the Contour is used with the waterproof case (waterproof case only available on the Contour +) it floats, the GoPro does not.  This saved us numerous times last summer while on the boat wakesurfing and wakeboarding. 

GoPro makes a great product no doubt about it and a lot of my buddies swear by it, but Contour makes the right product for what I like to do.  It's easy for me to turn the thing on and off, and it floats when I have it in the waterproof case.  I use a Contour +.

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