Five Hour Friday: Week 9

Posted June 8, 2012 @ 10:01am | by George Michaelsen

Crane moving the moon

Been a busy week over at The Ski Monster, we got Nixon Watches in, Never Summer Longboards, Eric is adding Under Armour right now, the Celtics won Game 5 and last night was a joke.  But the sun is finally out so I think we're gonna bug outta here early and hit the lake.  We have iPhones its not like the work stops we just get better scenery than staring at an iMac.  Of course while we're out there will be streaming this weeks music on our iPhones, if your reading this blog with a smart phone or iPad, click play on the songs below.  Man technology is rad!  Anyway let's get into the music.

Vice is one of my favorite DJ's to see live, I've spent quite a bit of time in the booth with him whenever he comes out to Boston and he can control a room better than most.  Check out his latest Podcast, it's sick as expected.

Kevin Scott is another DJ that is a mustsee if he makes it to your town.  His blends are so smooth and in key that you'd swear it was a pre-recorded set.  Well it's not, and this mix is proof.  This mix is for the person that says they love everything and it's mixed 100% Live.

Buddy Costa just started doing a weekly show on KISS108 here in Boston and it's pretty rad.  Dada Life's Remix of the Justin Biebers Boyfriend is on it, so you know it's good.

DJ JD another New Englander that made a really fresh 90's mix.  It starts off with Jamiroquai... is there a better way to start a 90's mix? No, there isn't.  If you're at MGM tonight at Foxwoods check him out at Shrine. 

Just Click Play.

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