Discovering Your Inner Shredder

Posted July 31, 2012 @ 11:09am | by Beau Schwab

This past weekend my Mom and I were going through some old boxes of stuff we hadn’t been through in ten or more years. You name it, it was in there, photos, bike racks, matchbox cars, dust, more dust, and some bad ass throwback ski gear. It’s amazing what your mind forgets over the years and then instantly remembers as soon as you see it. It’s also amazing what you just don’t remember as a kid, things like stuffing your ski suit from your J5 years full of left over cash from lunch at the cafeteria. That’s right, for some reason I pulled out my Signature Tommy Moe Spyder suit and went through the pockets…I came out $48 bucks richer in old tens and fives, some of that was also in quarters stocked up in my pockets for Galaga no doubt and plus one Lego man.

 I also came across a few drawings I did circa 4th grade or so, needless to say, I have a pretty one track mind, and it also painted a really good picture of why I’m wrapped up in cool stuff i.e.

MasterCraft Drawing

The inner party animal #boats&tahoes  #imonaboat

Beau Schwab The Ski Monster

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