Craig's Pick: Never Summer Revolver Snowboard

Posted February 1, 2012 @ 4:32pm | by Craig Wright

Never Summer Revolver Snowboard. K2 Hurrithane Biindings.With competition season in full swing, I have decided to be especially jibberish with my flavor of the week. Watching the televised events has given me inspiration to elevate my game in the park. So my selection this week is going to be full on freestyle...

Never Summer Revolver Snowboard with K2 Hurrithane Bindings. The Revolver gives me a ton of pop and is super stable on take-offs. Never Summer's Rocker & Camber construction makes the Revolver feel extremely buttery without sacrificing its stability. The Hurrithane bindings have Tweak Highbacks, which make them perfect for jibbing and slashing. The pair comes in two different colors. The left binding is orange and the right one is teal... Straight Steeze Homie (Randy Moss Voice).

So grab a Mountain Dew and head to Aspen Colorado, lets go impress some judges!

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