Coors Light Special (lake) Edition Can

Posted May 17, 2012 @ 5:01pm | by George Michaelsen

Coors Light Special Edition Can 2012The ads on TV and the internet got me, I broke down and had to buy a case of Coors Light.  Coors didn't improve the taste of their gateway beer, it still tastes like mildly flavored carbonated water.  Which is ok, Coors drinkability is phenomenal.  What made me break down and buy Coors Light was the new Special Edition can.  The can reminded me of the amazing beverage I enjoyed as a kid, Crystal Pepsi, which for some unknown reason is no longer in existence.  In the ads the can looked lighter, faster and cleaner; which is exactly what most people are try to be during the Summer.  

Stoked on how this new gimmick could improve my Happy Hour, I went to the Liquor Store and grabbed a 30 pack for me and some friends.  The case was everything I imagined it would be; sleek, sexy, and clean.  I got back home and put it in the fridge awaiting for the clock to strike Beer:30 and the mountains to turn blue.  

Beer:30 came, the case got cracked and I set the beers on the table.  Seeing the new Special Edition Coors Light can for the first time was not everything it was supposed to be.  The can wasn't sleek, sexy or clean looking.  The can looked as though it had been salvaged after five years of sitting on the bottom of the lake.  The can looked more like something Coors would post on their Facebook page for #throwbackthursday than a new innovation. 

The can doesn't make me feel as though I'm tapping the rockies, it reminds me more of drinking the water around Big Island on Lake Minnetonka.  Cheers to the marketing team at Coors, you convinced me to purchase more Coors Light's than I would have liked, you got me.  Here's to the summer of 2012, Cheers!  (But seriously I still like the taste of Coors Light, no hard feelings.  This blog was inspired by Mikey Marsh at New England Freshwater Marine)

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